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What’s in Summerana Guest Instructor Lisset Perrier Artistry’s Camera Bag?

Introducing Lisset Perrier of Lisset Perrier Artistry who is a guest instructor inside the Summerana Membership this month! We are lucky that not only do we get to watch her edit from start to finish showing us all of her editing secrets, but we also get to find out what is in her camera bag!

Lisset Perrier of Lisset Perrier Artistry is a Photographer in Colorado Springs, Colorado specializing in child portraiture. Here is a peek inside her camera bag:


Sigma Art 24-70 mm shooting at 70mm ISO 200 f/2.8 SS 1/400

Hello everyone, I’d like to first share a little bit about myself. I am self-taught and my photography journey began 5 years ago. I graduated a university in Lima-Peru majoring in graphic design. I found my vocation in art at an early age and I’ve been drawing and painting ever since I can remember. I have never taken a photography class however I did grow up around cameras and photographs so that might have something to do with it. What inspires me most in photography is my childhood… the art of telling a story and the way I am able to freeze a moment in time.

Sigma Art 135 ISO : 100 f/1.8  SS 1/200

If a specific shot doesn’t speak to me, I immediately start seeking changes to make it magical, whether it will be a cave wall or something else…I need to make it look as if it’s a story coming out of a book to be able to recreate my vision. It’s all about the mystery I see through my lens, it’s very magical, there’s nothing perfect or imperfect, it just is… frozen in time to contemplate later as “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Photography creates the perfect balance in my life and I enjoy it very much. It takes me to another world. My passion helps me create new and interesting pieces and to capture emotion. I want people to feel a connection whenever they look at my art.

I started my journey in Photography with composites and this is one from my Alice in Wonderland series. It was taken in a beautiful location in the forest.


Sigma Art 50mm f/1.8 ISO 200 SS 1/400

So this is what’s in my camera bag: My Nikon D750 is my main camera and I am very happy with it. I use the Nikon D7100 as my backup body. When I first started out in photography for about two years, I was shooting with a Nikon D40  and a kit lens. This just goes to show that you can start small with your equipment and work your way up as you grow. I only use Sigma Art lenses now! I sold all of my Nikon lenses a year ago after I ordered my first Art lens. I own the 135mm, 85mm, 50mm and the 24-70mm. I mostly shoot with the 135mm outdoors and the 50mm in the studio but honestly I am happy with all of them and they are all great both in studio and outdoors.

I love my Sigma Art 50mm for studio I took this one with natural window light and manual a reflector. Also I used a painted backdrop.


Watch me edit: 

Want to watch me edit this image in Photoshop from start to finish? It’s available to watch in the Summerana Membership here until July 10th, 2019!

In this editing tutorial, Summerana guest instructor Lisset Perrier of Lisset Perrier Artistry shows you her step-by-step process for editing a Rapunzel composite straight from a storybook in Photoshop.

“This was a personal project as I love Disney themes, I was lucky to find the perfect princess with a long hair that inspired me to create this image. Kids have so much fun in this kind of sessions because they love to dress up! – Lisset Perrier


You’ll learn how to composite elements together to create an art piece, how to extend your canvas, how to select and mask your subject, how to create shadowing and blurring, add and manipulate light, add in overlays (butterflies, chameleon, foliage, sky, tower, mountains, etc.), learn dodging and burning techniques, add blush, adjust color toning, add soft matte and blur, and more… all through hand editing!

Edited using:

  • Photoshop
  • Hand Editing

This article was featured in Summerana’s Magazine – The Studio Issue. See the full issue here

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