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Over the years we have come across so many photographers using Summerana products

and we wanted a place where we can show off their beautiful work as well as their kind words. Here is a compilation of some of them!

“I just purchased the Skin action collection. This is my second edit and still learning all the actions in the set but really happy with the result. Thank you Grace Pamela” – Sieber Studio Photography
“A year ago I would have scrapped this photo not knowing how to fix it , Thanks to a lot of Summerana tutorials and this group and thank goodness for Raw I can now turn scrap to a piece I’m happy with . It was an overcast morning to start , but all of a sudden the sun came beaming down out of nowhere it was near the end of a very early morning session and by 8 am the sun decided to peek out , I ended up moving her before calling it a day and did get some beautiful photos on the hill but I loved her expression in this one so made it work and turned it into a fine art piece.” – Pretty Dreams Photography
“I am so in love with everything summerana has to offer. This is a before and after from watching an editing video from summerana. Its helped me sooo much I love it!!! I watched the Dreamy Dandelions edit and used everyday workflow actions. So excited how this turned out!” – CarleeMark Photography
“But holy crap! I had no idea I could do this until last week. What an awesome site and learning tool!” – KS Photography
“I’m pretty proud of this. I’ve been at this a year and I’m always learning and improving. These images are taken at the same time of day, exactly one year apart. I’m betting no one has to ask me which is the “before” image. ??? I’m so thankful to my friends who steered me toward the Summerana membership. I LOVE being able to learn at my own pace when I have time… And no, no one paid me to say that. Ha!” – Caroline Vaughn Photography, LLC
“I did this session in a VERY green area, but I really wanted something special for this. I used one of Summerana’s Painted Desert digital backgrounds as well as some water, and came up with this. I LOVE a classic red maternity dress!!” – Jolene Haas Photography
“My beautiful friend and her rainbow baby <3 Created using Summerana’s new smoke bomb overlays, hand edits, and some Summerana Actions.” – Sara Francoeur Photography
“Bubble overlays!!! I am in love.” – Shannon Squires Photography
“Lots of moodstone texture collection and luminosity lights overlays were used here. This is what I want to create though sometimes it is tough to make a client believe that they want it ? ? :D” – Alicja Lelonek-Ball – Fotografia
“Got the chance to use Summerana’s new Painted Summer Desert Digital Backgrounds. Absolutely Love this collection! Thank you Grace Pamela and Shannon Squires-Toews.” – Danielle Sullivan Photography
“In this image i used techniques from Summeranas Coastal Beauty Editing Workshop :)” – Cristal Gayle Photography
“Another great example.. This image has been edited with Summerana’s skin actions. It took 10 min to get the skin done. Can’t thank you enough Grace Pamela” – Sieber Studio Photography.
“Sharing a little #beforeafter this morning! I finished this edit off with the “Lush” action from the Summerana shop!” – Sierra Pearl Photography
“Finally got around to using some of the digital backdrops from the membership and here’s one from the summer desert (i think?) ? Changed colors a lot to mesh well with the feel of the photo. I guess this may be one of my contributions to #topten #currentfavorite because it was a fun new one to do.” – Rachel Leah Photography
“Summerana’s Photoshop Actions are without the best out there. There is always a rich, vibrant and warm effect to your finished photos. The team at Summerana are without doubt the best in the Business.” – Brian McGougan
“Used summeranas essential eye actions for this edit! Before in comments The photo was taken at the Artist inside me workshop which was taught by @mariabella portraits I had the great honor of speaking as a guest speaker and had such a blast!” – Lindsey Lee Photography
“Well!!! That new painterly tutorial did not disappoint! I learnt a few new things, I really liked the skin smoothing part!” – Rachel Baine Photography
“Hi peeps. So glad I joined! I applied a lot of tricks from the Creating Art Workshops (I’ve fallen in love with the gradient tool… in case you can’t tell!). There’s soooo much to learn in photoshop it’s scary but when you finally manage to get the look you envisioned, there’s just no better feeling. ” – Nadia Larouche Photography
“Deer and bunny overlays! These were perfect for my client who wanted some cute woodland critters in her son’s photos!” – Sierra Pearl Photography
“I am so in love with the skin actions! Look at this before and after! WOW!!!!!!” – AG Photography
“Texas Bluebonnets at sunset! I used Summerana’s Luminosity overlay to give the best golden hour glow!” – Jolene Haas Photography
“I want to give a huge shoutout to @Grace Pamela and Summerana – Photoshop Actions and Photography Tools for sponsoring my workshop with Little Dreamers Tutus this past weekend! Our attendees were so excited for their Summerana goodies and I seriously couldn’t stop talking about how amazing Grace is! Thank you thank you!” – Sierra Pearl Photography
“I love the Summerana Membership so much! Sign up for it if you have not done so yet. I used the pushing up daisies overlay for this photo and one of the sky overlays to give it a more spring like feel. ” – Alison Cromer Photography
“First time trying out these smoke bombs!” – Danica B. Photography
“Ferris wheel delights. Used some of your bokeh awesomeness :)” – Shooting Star Photography
“These overlays, skies, and background are just too much fun to play with!!!” – Sierra Pearl Photography
“Working on a new Maternity & Newborn client guide, and used a few of Summerana’s digital backdrops to help accentuate the look. Thank you for the backgrounds! It was my first time doing a composite :)” – Daisies & Clovers Photography
“Beautiful Mama. I used the Celestial bokeh brush” – Susan Hamel Photography
“I just signed up for the Summerana – Photoshop Actions and Photography Tools membership and just WOW!!!!! The tutorials are amazing and OH SO MANY DOWNLOADS! If you haven’t signed up yet what are you waiting for????? I used a couple of the cherry blossom overlays on the last image. I can not get over the content. Thank you Grace Pamela for making the membership so affordable!” – Judy Hurley Photography
“Just watched the summer to winter editing video. This was my first try.” – CarleeMark Photography
“This was a collaboration between myself, and this handsome little guys mama – Stacey Gabriel who is an incredible photographer! Used Everyday Workflow Essentials by Summerana. Love how it turned out. ” – Sara Francoeur Photography
“If you don’t own the membership, go purchase it now @ for $19 a month. Such a valuable subscription. Not only do you get tons of overlays, but you also get access to easy to use actions that you can adjust to your liking, and amazing tutorial videos to assist you in editing in post. Thank you Grace Pamela and Shannon Squires-Toewsfor and team for all of your hard work in teaching others. We appreciate you!” – Danielle Sullivan Photography
“The leaf overlays are my favorite and so perfect for this sweet shot of these siblings.” – Shannon Squires Photography
“I’m officially addicted to your animal overlays Grace Pamela. We had so much fun at the circus last night!” – Sierra Pearl Photography
“Became Extremely bored today. So what do you do when you’re Bored? Download More Summerana Actions and play with them. Color me fall, texture overlays, and eye essentials were used here. I can’t express how much these actions have given me more confidence with my work. Thank you Summerana!” – Danielle Sullivan Photography
“Thanks, Summerana! Ever since I have become a member I have made awesome friends! I have built up so much confidence in myself and truly feel proud of where I am with photography to this day. I love using all of your actions and overlays!” – Christina Marie – Photography
“Love the sparkler and shine overlays! They were perfect for my daughters Halloween picture!” – Stephanie Ratto Photography
“I just can’t thank Grace Pamela enough for sharing Summerana with all of us. Your lessons and tools have helped me come such a long way in a short amount of time. You’ve given me more confidence to keep pushing forward when I was ready to give up. THANK YOU! <3 The image attached was from today’s mommy and me session. She is a good friend of mine, and I have only ever physically met one other woman, who made me feel like “perfect” mother’s actually exist. She raises these beautiful children all on her own, working as a social worker and baby number 4 on the way. She amazes me, and it made me so happy to see her just relax with her babies in front of the camera. <3 I was afraid to do this shoot, because I don’t have a lot of confidence behind the camera when it comes to people portraits. But with your help, I was able to give her beautiful keepsakes for Mother’s Day this year. I’m so grateful for this membership opportunity, and highly recommend it to anyone sitting on the fence. Used Summerana Luminosity Lights Overlay Collection along with the Actions and Essential Workflow Actions. ” – Amanda Wakefield “If people watched some of the hand editing videos on summerana it has a video which is definitely in regards to the skin using some of the adjustment options like curves, levels, selective color etc… I believe it’s the one that shows turning summer to fall but I learned a lot in this specific video about fixing skin tones . Great video for the Summeranas members!!! If any of you are not a subscribed member you won’t be disappointed at only 19.00 per month . The huge bonus on top of everything they already offer is they are always adding new products and videos quit often.. I have literally spent over 3 grand purchasing actions, overlays , brushes, textures etc and i have FINALLY found my number one when I became a member! It has anything I could possibly need or want and this is such a relief and I can focus more on other things now instead of searching and purchasing and never really satisfied until now!!! I love you SUMMERANA !!!!! The best there is hands down ?” – Tammy Jo Dammerman