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Weekly Top Ten – Fatherhood

I’m so excited to announce last week’s Weekly Top Ten Photo Contest winners and also this week’s theme! Last week’s contest theme was ‘FATHERHOOD‘. I am so blessed to have the honor in knowing so many of you talented photographers and am in awe of your creativity. So without further ado, here are our 10 winners (in no particular order):


Becky Church Photography and Design

“Because when you look back, years down the road, it’s the in-between moments that will mean the most.”


Cici Loo Photography


CarleeMark Photography

“Did a daddy and me session for my husband and kids before he deploys.”



Bluebell Bridge Photography



Stolle Photography



Forever Rustic Photography

“I’m new to parent shots and I love the pictures of dad and baby but this dad had my heart completely melting. As soon as I put his son in his hands he began to naturally “pose” with his son. I didn’t have to tell him to do anything. Dad was cuddling baby, kissing, and smiling ever so sweetly without direction. 



Anne-Marie Photography

“This was a bittersweet moment. One of our “lasts” which we have been getting better about documenting. We used to always think in terms of firsts, and then realized, what about the lasts? The last time you can pick your baby girl up, the last time she can fit snugly on your lap for a bedtime story. So many things come to mind. Since she was born, we have a photo of him throwing her up into the air like this. At least one for every year she has been alive. For this photo, we wanted to get just one more year in. Now that she is 6, she is becoming too heavy to do this safely. His arms were trembling but she made it. Hold them a little tighter, and a little longer, because in the blink of an eye they are not babies anymore.”


Belle Vie Photography


Rebecca Woods Photography

“One of my favorite photos I took of my husband and son.”


Kelly Simonds Photography



Congratulations to the winners and thank you to those of you who participated. If you are a winner, please feel free to download your winning badge here.





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