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Top Photographers of the Week – Details

Last week’s Top Photographers of the Week Contest has come to an end, this means we have winners to announce and also this week’s theme to reveal!

Last week’s contest theme was ‘DETAILS. So without further ado, here are our top winners (in no particular order):


Sara Francoeur Photography


“It isn’t always about getting close. It is about capturing the everyday details so that you never forget.

These images are of the objects that were in my Nanna’s house when she passed away 7 years ago today. I re-edited them this morning to submit them for this week’s theme and because I captured these details, all the memories of this beautiful old house and the love of the family within came flooding back to me.” – Melanie Smith – Photographer


M.A.M.A Photography


“I was hoping for a good face portrait but he had other plans ?” –Kassie Photography


Kayleigh Sargeant


Brianna Hupp Photography


“This is one of my favorites of my little one! I love that I was able to capture and freeze these sweet sleeping details in time.” – Lainey Lou Photography


Andrea Ferreri Photography


Tabitha Kachinski Photography


Westyn’s Wings Photography

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to those of you who participated. If you are a winner, please feel free to download your winning badge here.



This Week’s Theme:


P.S. Feel free to check out one of the following Summerana Collections below for this week’s theme! All of which are available in the Summerana All Access Membership or you can see the individual product pages below:

If you are already a Summerana Member, this is a great chance for you to try something new (if you haven’t played with these collections yet) in the library and get creative!



Go enter this week’s new contest! You can read more details on how to enter our weekly top photo contests each week here.



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