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Top Photographers of the Week – Then & Now

  • Summerana 

Last week’s Top Photographers of the Week Contest has come to an end, this means we have winners to announce and also this week’s theme to reveal!

Last week’s contest theme was ‘THEN & NOW‘. So without further ado, here are our top winners (in no particular order):


Lani Holmes Photography

“Love love this weeks theme! Then and now – 2009 vs 2018. My son.”


Kelly Kirby Photography

“Left image was my first paying shoot in 2014- I made $20! Lol. Right was a few weeks ago.”


Rachel Baine Photography

“2008 vs 2018 Background swap, posing and skin work comparison! Summerana background is from the Arctic Dreamscapes – Winter digital background collection (but I played with it a bit) and techniques from the painterly tutorials, hand edits, and summerana actions.”


Through the Looking Glass Studio

“First photoshoot ever in Aug 2017 and one of my most recent shoots .” 


Kendra Harrell Photography

“First image taken 4/23/11.” 


Stacie Paris Photography

“My self-portrait from the year I opened my business and my newest self-portrait.” 



Stevi Bean Photography

“2017 – Fall 2018/2019” 


Little Fox Photography

“First paid newborn shoot 2017 > most recent newborn 2019”. 


Born Photography

“Whoa!! The Mother of the “then” baby just contacted me because she is pregnant and would like me to do her newborn pictures again! So thankful for clients that trust me and grow with me.”



Child Expressions Photography

“My girls when I first started taking photos with my Husband’s Nikon D70s in 2013. And my girls last year. Both photos shot in the same location.”


Ana Silva Photography

“Here’s one of my baby girl taken in 2011 and then in 2019.”


KC Photography

“2016 vs 2019.”


AGems Photography

“October 2013 (my first ever photo shoot) and Feb 2019 (my latest one from last week).”



Aline Fontes Art’in Photography

“This memory was truly magnificent for me, I am very happy with my evolution! My first newborn(2014) and this week’s newborn (2019)”


Jessica Vallia Photography

“I found my very first composite from ancient PS days… 2005 then and now 2018.”


Bella Baby Photography

“2012 vs 2018 my baby.”


Allison Cromer Photography

“September 2016 vs January 2019”.



The Portrait Artist

“I started photography in June 2015. I will be 4 years soon this is my progression so far.”



Jenni Lafleur Art and Photography

“October 2016 and January 2019”


Empire Photography

“First photo session with Zoe Dec 2011 – Same little girl June 2018” 



Empower Her Studios

“2007-2019. As some days I question my work it is nice to see progress like this.”


Congratulations to the winners and thank you to those of you who participated. If you are a winner, please feel free to download your winning badge here.



This Week’s Theme:


This week’s theme focuses on artificial lighting! Please no natural light as we will focus on that for anther theme. Here is an article that might be useful for this week if you decide to go out and shoot some images for this theme! 

P.S. Feel free to check out our $19 photography membership here to get all the Photoshop actions, Photoshop overlays, digital backgrounds, Editing tutorials, and other materials and tutorials of your dreams for this week’s theme!


Go enter this week’s new contest! You can read more details on how to enter our weekly top photo contests each week here.


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