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Top Photographers of the Week – SUMMER

Last week’s Top Photographers of the Week Contest has come to an end, this means we have winners to announce and also this week’s theme to reveal!

Last week’s contest theme was ‘Summer. So without further ado, here are our top winners (in no particular order):

Lola Sam Photography
Sammie Stoffregen
“Summers for me have always been about the barn. The long days and warm evenings are meant for watching the horses in the field. There is this smell that you can only get on the hottest day’s evening, as the sun tips behind the trees and the horses start moving around the pasture again. It’s grass and sunshine, fly spray and dirt, and happiness (if you can say that’s a smell), with a touch of cool breeze, all rolled into one.”
Westyn’s Wings photography
K Allen Photography
“Downtown summer fun!”
The Focus Tree Photography
“Bubble fun in the playhouse!!”

Sage Fox Photography
“School supplies in July?! Don’t look!!”

Lauren April Photography
Merisa LePage‎ Photography
“Loving these natural, fun beach minis!
Stephanie Henneman‎ Photography
Misty Dawn Photography
Sara Hunt‎ Photography
“I had the incredible honor of photographing Summerana’s Grace Pamela and her gorgeous family this past weekend and I could not wait to edit her images! This is one I took of her beautiful daughter, Summer, during our session. I feel it’s very fitting for this weeks theme of “Summer”  ?? Thank you so much Grace for choosing me to capture these memories for your family ❤️-Amazing dress by Bentley & Lace”

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to those of you who participated. If you are a winner, please feel free to download your winning badge here.



This Week’s Theme:


P.S. Feel free to check out our some of these overlays, actions and tutorials which are perfect for this week’s theme!:

If you are already a Summerana Member, this is a great chance for you to try something new (if you haven’t played with these collections yet) in the library and get creative!

Images are by Shannon Squires Photography and Samantha Boos Photography

Go enter this week’s new contest! You can read more details on how to enter our weekly top photo contests each week here.

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