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Top Photographers of the Week – SKY

Last week’s Top Photographers of the Week Contest has come to an end, this means we have winners to announce and also this week’s theme to reveal!

Last week’s contest theme was ‘SKY. So without further ado, here are our top winners (in no particular order):

Keity Mitchell Photography
“This is from last night, we had an amazing sunset and this is the real sky ♥️I used Quick Base Workflow, Brush On – Reflector on skin (I learned from Shana Carter ‘s video} Glow, Highlight & Contour, Create Custom Catchlights (Yes, I didn’t catch any lights in her eyes) and some hand edit.” Edited with Everyday Workflow Essentials Action set and tutorials available in the Summerna Membership
Simonné Török Enikő
Angela Skinner‎ Photography
Lori Lesh Photography
“I loved this image of this sweet little one with her family farm in the background, but it SO needed a sky! Summerana – Photoshop Actions and Photography Tools to the rescue! I used both a sky & a rainbow overlay ” – Lori Lesh Photography
Edited using Summerana Skies – Sky Overlay & Photoshop Action Collection and Chasing Rainbows – Sky Overlay & Photoshop Action Collection both available in our Summerana Membership

Lutrisha Nicole Photography

Jolene Haas Photography
“I’m loving all these skies that I’m seeing! Great job, everyone! Here’s one of my entries.
Summerana Sky Overlay Applicator was used as well as painterly techniques shown in the tutorials.”
Edited with our Summerana Painterly Tutorials found in the Creating Art Category of our membership and the Sky Overlay Applicator.

A M Photography
“My client’s skin and dress is edited with the wonderful “Skin essentials” actions for Photoshop!
The sky is NOT AN OVERLAY! Wyoming “spring” is full of thunderstorms and even snow!”
Edited with Summerana Skin Essentials Photoshop Action Collection

Makelle Jacobson Photography
“Paint the sky with stars is my dad’s favorite song because it reminds him of my grandma. She was a painter and the reason I wanted to become an artist. It’s almost the anniversary of her death and this week’s theme inspired me to make this for him. It’s not perfect but it came from the heart.”
Passionfruit Photography

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to those of you who participated. If you are a winner, please feel free to download your winning badge here.



This Week’s Theme:


P.S. Feel free to check out our $19 photography membership here to get all the Photoshop actions, Photoshop overlays, digital backgrounds, Editing tutorials, and other materials and tutorials of your dreams for this week’s theme!



Go enter this week’s new contest! You can read more details on how to enter our weekly top photo contests each week here.

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