Introducing Summerana’s Top Photographers of the Week! This themed photo contest was created as an entertaining way to challenge members of our Facebook group, Summerana Photography Society, to expand their photography and editing skills on a weekly basis.

But what is it? How does it work? How do I enter? Read on for more details.


Summerana’s Top Photographers of the Week Contest

This photography contest is dedicated to showcasing the incredible talent of the lovely and hardworking photographers of our Facebook group, Summerana Photography Society. Our ultimate goal is to encourage you to push past your comfort zone and really hone your creativity, but it can also help to boost your SEO. Winning images have the potential to reach thousands of users through our blog and Facebook page, thus increasing your exposure! Additionally, winners can download their winners badge to display on their website or share on social media. To get more eyes on your content, try tagging your clients in your winning announcement post to congratulate them. Fingers crossed they share the post on their own social media accounts, but even if they don’t your page will be boosted through the algorithm and shared with their friends list.

How to Enter

For a chance to be featured on our blog, just submit your images related to each week’s theme in our Facebook group, Summerana’s Photography Society, using the hashtag #topphotographer or #topphotog. While it’s not a requirement, feel free to share background details on your photo, including any Summerana products that were used! Finally, don’t forget to add your website or Facebook link* so that you can be credited appropriately if you win.

While we love and appreciate all submissions, images that are too small or of poor quality are unable to be chosen as winners, as they cannot be displayed accurately on the Summerana website. Luckily, we do have a great blog post on the best image sizes for various social media platforms where you can learn the correct dimensions needed for your Top Photographer submission on Facebook. Of course, only images that you photographed yourself can be submitted to the contest.

  • *Only websites and Facebook pages dedicated to your Photography business are eligible to be included in the contest submission. While venders are encouraged to enter, no vendor shop links are allowed to be shared in our Facebook group. Thank you for understanding.

Winner Announcement and Theme Reveal

Top Photographer winners and the next week’s theme will be announced every Monday on the blog.

Winners Badges

Top Photographer winners can find their images with applied badge in the Summerana’s Top Photographers of the Week Contest 2023 folder on Summerana’s Facebook page. If you’d prefer to apply the badge yourself, you can download them here.


While we do offer some free resources to get you started, be sure to check out the Summerana Academy which provides all the inspiration, tutorials, and digital products you need to grow your business and expand your photography knowledge. We can’t wait to see what you create!

About Summerana
Grace Pamela is a photographer and owner of Summerana, which is named after her two daughters, Summer and Liliana.
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