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The Traveling Dress Project & Giveaway – Hosted by Marie Belle Couture & Summerana

We are so excited to introduce “The Traveling Dress” project and giveaway, which is hosted by Marie Belle Couture & Summerana!

The dress is designed by Marie Belle couture collaborating with Summerana – Photoshop actions and Photography tools. Each participating photographer will add their own taste photographing the dress and edit using Summerana’s Photoshop tools. At the end of the traveling dress project, we will choose a winner for the giveaway! Select images will also be featured in the Summerana Magazine.


Image is courtesy of Lisset Perrier Artistry

This project is a first come first serve, we will accept one photographer from each state. We will email the participating photographers with their number on list and an address to send the dress to.

The dress is a flexible fit, fitting 6-8 and also comes with a sash, a removable bow, and headband so you can really add your own twist to it!

The giveaway prizes are the following:

– A free annual Summerana Membership.
– A dress of your choice designed for you by Marie Belle Couture.



Images are courtesy of Lisset Perrier Artistry


The Traveling Dress Project: Photographer Announcement

We are so excited to announce “The Traveling Dress” Project’s chosen photographers! The photographers chosen for each state were chosen on a first come first served basis. Congratulations to all that were selected! Please see below to see if you were first for your state:

Ginamarie Collins – North Carolina

Nicole Sanders – South Carolina

Talitha Kauffma – Georgia

Kathy Coleman – Florida

Simone Normand – Alabama

Amanda Blakney – Mississippi

Kristen Guthrie – Louisiana

Stephanie Halley – Texas

Lynn & jay Photography – New Mexico

Pam Saracino – Arizona

Sara – California

Kari Dechenne – Hawaii

Amy Snadrin – Oregon

Violetta Trushkov – Washington

Lina Poulsen – Alaska

Adrien Hall – Idaho

Leila Robb – Nevada

Makalyn – Utah

Danielle Stanley – Colorado

Skylean Fosnight – Kansas

Chris Carlile – Nebraska

Miranda Mcphetridge – South Dakota

April Ortiz – North Dakota

Amanda Schnoor – Minnesota

Catilin Mander – Iowa

Sarah Wockenfuss – Missouri

Savannah Lutrell – Oklahoma

Barbie Trammell – Arkansas

Martina – Tennessee

Heather Mauchline – Kentucky

 – Illinois

Brandy Fliss – Wisconsin

Amanda Schwab – Michigan

Christi – Indiana

Rebecca Calfe – Ohio

Teresa Haddox – West Virginia

Kristen Gurthie – Virginia

Amanda Olney – Maryland

Kelly Roth – Pennsylvania

Agnes Manzo – New Jersey

Tara Pearson – New York

Randell Mena – Connecticut

Jenny Perreault – Massachusetts

Samantha Deschamps – New Hampshire

Eliza Tufts – Maine


If you were selected for this project, please join us in our Traveling Dress Project Facebook group HERE to confirm and get further directions on how to join us in this project.




You must read through and agree to the rules in order to participate:

  • The dress should be handled with care. Any damage should be reported directly to Marie Belle Couture.
  • Only one model should be used per state to prevent excessive wear and tear. This dress is not to be used for clients or model calls but only one model specifically for this project.
  • You must live in the United States to participate.
  • You are responsible of paying shipping fee to send to the following photographer on the list. Shipping must be priority shipping and have a tracking number sent to [email protected].
  • You must share your image(s) of the traveling dress on social media tagging @Summeranactions @mariebellecouture.
  • In order to make this project successful, the dress turnaround time is one week (no negotiation if not photographed must send to next photographer).
  • Your image must be taken using a professional camera (no cell phone shots allowed).
  • Your image must be edited and posted within one week after you’ve had the dress.
  • Your image must be edited using at least one product (even a freebie if you don’t own any currently). Please state in your description when sharing, which product you used in your image.


If you would like the chance for your image to be featured in the Summerana Magazine, please email the full resolution before sooc image and after image to [email protected]. Please include in your email which Summerana tools you edited your image with along with any other credits (such as any makeup artists, hair, etc.).


Let The FUN Begin!






3 thoughts on “The Traveling Dress Project & Giveaway – Hosted by Marie Belle Couture & Summerana”

  1. I would be so humbled to be chosen for this project! It’s phenomenal idea,I just love it! I live in an area with literally thousands of wooded areas !!
    This is exactly the type of photographer I am, my favorite images are of girls of this age range on beautiful dresses and settings.
    Please consider me, I have many models that would be able to wear this size.
    Thanks for this opportunity!!
    Cindi Soderman

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