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The Power of Why: Why 39 Women Built a Membership Site and Why You Should Too

Our book has launched in case you’d like to read a bit of how/why Summerana was created and my personal story of building something against all odds. I also talk about ALL of you and how we have built a FAMILY through our membership here.

It even became #1 on Amazon in several lists (Amazon’s Hot New Releases, Entrepreneurship, Business Motivation & Self-Improvement, etc.) in several countries!

Here is what this book is all about:

If you are in the knowledge business and help people professionally with your expert advice, I am sure you would have experienced that there are many people in the world who need your expert advice on a continuation basis, but given the time limitations with you as an expert, you cannot serve all of them on a continuation basis. In order to solve this problem, women in the knowledge business (coaches, consultants and counselors) have been creating membership sites and they have been serving more and more people through their expertise, without giving too much time out of their life. If you are an expert and you are ready to serve more people and impact the world, then this book is for you.

With this book, 39 women from across the world have come together (including us at Summerana!) to share their journeys and stories of why they created their membership sites. They share their honest insights into these journeys which unfolded to create their membership sites. These are real women running real businesses, and they are sharing their ‘Why’ with you so that you can find yours, too.

If you are a few steps behind in creating your membership site – as a coach or consultant or a thought leader or subject matter expert, this book will inspire you to action as you will see how creating a membership site can help you change the way you do business. It will also inspire you to achieve more in less time, using tried and tested strategies, and ultimately allowing more time for self and family.

Told from a feminine perspective with a mix of storytelling, quotes and anecdotes, this book will encourage you to ask yourself why you should create your own membership site.




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