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Summerana’s Photography Tribe – Group Cover Photo Contest Info

Introducing Summerana’s Photography Tribe Group Cover Photo Contest! Our weekly Facebook group cover photo contest is something we do for fun weekly in our group. But how does it work? How do I enter? Read on for more details.



What is Summerana’s weekly group cover photo contest?

This is a photo contest dedicated to showcase your work and talent as a photographer (no vendor shop links allowed, only photography pages) in our Facebook group for photographers. You can join our free photography group here. If chosen as a winner, your image will be displayed at the top of our group, as the cover photo for a week.


How do I enter?
To enter, look for the current week’s cover photo contest image/post. It will say “this week’s cover photo contest” so you know what to look for. After finding the post, you will then post your image(s) directly in the comments of that post.
You may enter as many images as you’d like and there is no specific theme, so you can post any images you like for more chances of being chosen. Sometimes one image will be chosen, and sometimes multiple images will be chosen. Watermarks are welcome, but for best results it is better if they do not take up the entire image. Low quality/tiny/unprofessional/cellphone images do not fare well and will most likely not get chosen if they are too small/grainy or unprofessional.
When and how will the winners be announced?
The winner(s) will be announced each Sunday via Facebook live in our group. After announcing the winners I will be creating a brand new post to begin the next week’s contest.

Where do I download my badge if I am a winner?

We have multiple badges so you can choose a color. There are PNG files as well as a PSD file which you can edit in Photoshop. You can download a badge here or right click and save one of the below badges:


summerana-photoshop-actions-for-photographers-group-cover-photo-contest-winner summerana-photoshop-actions-for-photographers-group-cover-photo-contest-winner

Please note that this contest is different from the weekly top ten photo contest. You can view the info for that contest here.



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