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Summerana’s New Year New Gear Photography Giveaway & Sale

Introducing the Summerana’s New Year New Gear Photography Giveaway & Sale! Start the new year off with new gear! We are giving away winner’s choice of either a Nikon or Canon DSLR camera, or you can opt to choose your choice of Nikon or Canon 70-200mm lens instead. Totally up to you if you win!!

Check out the prize below and then scroll down to the bottom of the page to see how you can enter to win plus also check out our sale to really start 2019 off with a bang!




1 winner wins winner’s choice of either a Nikon D850 camera or a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera – body only – around $3,299.00 value



OR  a choice of either a Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8E FL ED VR camera lens or Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS III USM camera lens – around $2,799.00 value





For our New Year New Gear sale we are offering 4 FREE months when you sign up for our Annual Summerana Membership which includes everything in our entire shop including all past releases as well as all future releases for a full year.

We have so many awesome new releases and workshops coming this year and you’d have access to it ALL!

Simply click the link here or below, select the ANNUAL option, and use the coupon code NEWYEAR at checkout.

Included are 600+ Photoshop actions, Lightroom and Photoshop video tutorials/editing workshops, 1K+ Photoshop overlays (can also be used in Lightroom if utilizing the ON1 Photo 10 plugin), Photoshop brushes, digital backgrounds, Lightroom presets, marketing templates, photography logos, and more. You can see more info here.




The New Year New Gear Photography Giveaway & Sale will end on January 25th, 2019 at 11:59p.m. CST. The winner will be chosen randomly via Gleam and will be announced on our Facebook Page and email newsletter the next day. You will have 48 hours to claim your prize so be sure to sign up for our newsletter or watch for our post on Facebook/Instagram so you don’t miss out on the announcements!

To enter, simply complete any of the steps in the Giveaway widget below, the more steps you complete, the more entries you will have! <3



-All entries will be verified if chosen as a winner, please be sure to follow the steps accurately to not chance being disqualified. Also please note that no purchase is necessary to win.


Thank you to those of you who have entered and participated in our giveaway! The winner is listed below:

1 winner wins winner’s choice of either a Nikon D850 camera or a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera ORa choice of either a Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8E FL ED VR camera lens or Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS III USM camera lens – WINNER: Anzuto Mai


Summerana’s New Year New Gear Giveaway

318 thoughts on “Summerana’s New Year New Gear Photography Giveaway & Sale”

  1. Since becoming a Summerana member, my editing skills have gotten so much better! I love all the help provided with the site and my fear of Photoshop has slowly disappeared. Thank you Grace!

  2. Kelly Wlodarczyk-Brown

    I use the everyday workflow on everything. I wouldn’t mind seeing some field/prairie/cotton field backgrounds.

  3. Wow this would be a dream! I love all the overlays!!! Imagine what I could do with a new camera and the workshops!!! This teacher would be very happy!

  4. Amazing giveaway. I don’t really know what to call them, but there are tones now that are popular that remind me of earthy tones and I would love to know how to achieve that in ps.

    1. January 4th, 10:05pm
      I agree!! Photography is a passion of mine but I can’t afford a new camera after mine broke ?

  5. Amazing Giveaway! Honestly all of the products from Summerana are amazing! I would like to see more animal overlays like the reindeer ones! My daughter would love to see hippos 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity!

  6. This would be just the opportunity I need to transition from an amateur photo editor to a real photographer! Truly would be a dream come true! Thank you so much for this fantastic opportunity!

  7. My favorite summerana product is definitely all of the creative composite workflows. It really helped my understanding of how to make a composite more realistic.

  8. My all time favorite tools with Summerana are the Sparklers and the light overlays! I am not really too much into compositing yet….but I am always admiring anything shown for composites using the tools!! I LOVE YOU GUYS! YOU ROCK!!
    I really really need a new camera! Like REALLY REALLY! I do not own my own right now so this would change my whole world!! 🙂 (currently using my boss’s camera and really should only be using it for her jobs)

  9. Ove only just started using the free snow overlays and leaves and sparklers and I’m hooked and cant wait to join and wishing for some luck to win your amazing giveaway!

  10. Personally I adore the snow overlays, not only are they free but they also add an amazing pop and look perfect when put over portraits taken during the winter! I would love to see overlays for perhaps some neon lighting or even some color presets based around shadows.

  11. Excited to see what you have in store for the new year….they say the predictor of the future is the past so I am sure it will be amazing!

  12. My favourite editing workshop is compositing, i love to learn how to do more of it and be able to offer it to clients. I would love to see more editing videos on painterly effects.

  13. I love this Facebook group for this business it’s full of support and I think it’s going to help me out a ton! Winning this giveaway would also help.

  14. Sparkler overlays do it for me. They are so versatile and offer an unmatched variety of uses across many genres of photography. Just about any photo can be lightened up with a sparkler from Summering!

  15. My favorite action set from Summerana is definitely the Everyday Workflow! I love the Deep Lush action and often use the Natural Light brush as well as Recover Highlights. I would love to see a veil action to be able to add beautiful flowy veils to romantic dresses 😀

  16. Love the huge sale going on! So many possibilities to be made with summersan’s creations! Really praying to win the giveaway!! ?

  17. Super thrilled to take part in another give away!

    I am a fan of the overlays and have several including the sky. I did also buy the shop bundle a few years ago. I’d love to see Summerana release something for boudoir photographers.
    Like a “pearl and lace” preset. I have dubbed this name if its used!!!!! ?

  18. My favorites would probably be the sparkler overlays because I use them so much! I also love the sky overlays. If I could pick anything else for Summerana to offer, it would be more variety in retouch tools. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  19. I’m new to Summerana, I was only introduced because of the contest! It looks amazing though. Can it be used with just PSElements?

  20. I just love everything about Summerana. The overlays are always fun to work with! And love how there’s videos to teach you! Fingers crossed, this is an awesome prize! The D850 is my dream camera!

  21. I have only just learned about Summerana, but I’ll be exploring the products as I’m always looking for new inspiration and learning new skills.

  22. The camera would be for me but the editing goes to my wife who loves to play. She only uses PSE at the moment, I see that it’s compatible, can the same results be made? It’s very impressive!

  23. I just got to know your work thanks to the giveaway, but honestly, I can’t believe what I’ve been missing. Your talent is breathtaking, can’t wait to see your next projects.

  24. I enjoy all of the editing workshops/videos. I am self-taught and so these help out quite a bit.
    I would love to see how to create B&W images more efficiently.

  25. I love Summerana products and tutorials! The Snow overlays and actions are incredible as are the sparkler overlays and actions. There are so many to choose from that it’s hard to pick a favorite but I love the variety that fits every need. Thanks Summerana!!!

  26. I love the Photoshop editing tutorials!! It makes such a difference to my pictures, but I wasn’t brave enough to use it before!

  27. I’m just getting started with an old Canon Rebel that a friend gave me so I haven’t used any Summerana products/editing workshops yet. I always appreciate tutorials, especially for beginners getting to know their cameras.

  28. I have been following for a while now and recently purchased the Summerana membership. Now to get into it and learn so much. I have been slowly watching the tutorials and love the tips in PS that I have already learned about!

  29. Oh my goodness! I have been struggling with Photoshop for almost a year, to the point that I was giving up any minute, and ran into a post on Facebook a couple weeks ago that led me to this site. I’m sorry I waited so long to become a member! This is truly a blessing for those of us who are old school and have been barely surviving on straight out of camera. You guys restored my faith in fellow photographers, none of the photographers in my area will even think about helping another . I’m eager to learn and help others too so this is out of my comfort zone, but thanks to your team here, I have hope!! Have a great day everyone!!

  30. Thank you Grace! Your membership has helped me grow a ton. So many great learning tutorials! I just entered the newest giveaway! These are so fun! Thank you for all you do!

  31. I would like to win a camera as I don’t have one I enjoy doing photography, my photography class has really opened my eyes to how fun photography is

  32. The 5D would be an amazing upgrade for me. My poor fiancé works 12&16hr shifts just so we can pay the bills so I get to live my dream of being an equine photographer! As I just can’t afford that right now. 🙁

  33. Has always been a dream of mine to own one of these cameras! Would love to win! Thank you for such an amazing opportunity!

  34. Awesome giveaway! I have my own website and I am in the middle of upgrading and updating it. I would love to win. Photography is a passion of mine but I cant’ afford a new camera right now. I meet with a photography group and they have fancy camera gear and I need to get some so I can do some of the amazing things they do with their camera. I would love to win. Thank you so much for the chance.

  35. Since being a summerana member and watching the tutorials I have blossomed over night in my photography! So thankful to be apart of this group and always learning new things! My absolute favorite tools I use on every image is the every day work essentials from adding depth, maybe some more but, whitenening teeth, adding blush to littles cheeks! And I love the sun flare option to give a photo that extra “wow” factor!! I would love some more info on wrapping and positioning for newborn! Haven’t totally jumped into newborn yet with the fear of failing on those perfectly wrapped poses of little babes.

  36. Thanks for the chance. I’m entering as much as I can. Would love to win the Canon. Would make amazing steps forward in my photography journey.

  37. I would be over the moon and back should i win this. Have always loved taking photos of many many things.
    However haven’t had a camera like this ever! Love your work 🙂

  38. I haven’t been to a Summerana workshop before but that is going to change!

    It would be cool to see Summerana release some videos of them involved with volunteering/charity.

  39. So happy to have membership in Summerana tgis year! Thanks for the amazing offer and for all the great tutorials y’all have made. Can’t wait to be able to get more creative with my images ☺

  40. Robert Thomas Stephens

    Thank you so much for this chance to win this amazing prize!! I hope I win, but just in case congratulations to the future winner and good luck everyone!!!!

  41. This is my first time here, but after reading the comments, this seems like a great place to be. I you guveaway!! Hoping to see more.

  42. Temiloluwa AkinJohnson

    I would love for them to release a large overlay for snow and sky.
    My favorite summerana product is definitely the sprinklers and light overlay

  43. I have not yet becpme.a member. With the sale on membership I might be able to join. I just love all of the edits I am seeing. I would like to see more how to with a cannon.

  44. I have owned a Nikon D3400 for year and would absolutely love to upgrade. I’m looking forward to learning new tips from your Facebook group.

  45. I would love to go on any of Summerana’s workshops to be honest, but I could probably do with a beginners course in using different lenses in different environments and for differing purposes.

  46. Thank you for all the amazing giveaways you do, along with your news letters and offering so much in the Summerana Membership. I have learned so much and taken my editing to the next level or two or three since becoming a Summerana member. You have all helped in making my dream of being a hobby photographer and turning it into a small business owner reality, and for that I am very thankful. I enjoy browsing through other members posts of the work they have designed from the benefits of being a member. When having a camera in your hand the opportunities for learning, growing, advancing and designing are endless.

  47. Giveaways are always fun! Thank you for allowing some lucky person to win. I cant wait to try your products and tutorials. 😉

  48. I would love to see Summerana release some new Lightroom presets this year… you can never have too many killer presets to speed up your workflow!!

  49. This is an amazing giveaway! I have tried the sky overlays and they are very easy to use! I am going to become a member soon, so I can focus on learning more about using overlays and making compositions!

  50. I love the overlays! And Painterly style. I have also enjoyed the sparkler effects and overlays. So excited about this give away! Soooo generous.

  51. I’m new to photoshop actions so how tos are always fun. Love all your photos. My husband and I took wedding photos in our younger days years before digital. Now we’re hobbyists but he’s retiring in 2 months and I know he’s going to want to get out there and get in some camera action. We love landscapes and closeups. And taking photos of the grandkids. I love doing some portraits but mostly candids outside.

  52. My favorite workshop had to be the one where I learned to use butterfly overlays!
    I’d love to see Summerana make some sort of video recommending camera gear!!

  53. I have so many of your actions, brushes and overlays. They are the bomb! I still have the very first actions you sold! 🙂 What I would love to see more of in the future, and I am not sure of the correct name for them, are tonal overlays (?). I have just started using these and LOVE what they do to change the moods of an image. I have only found one set online that were a fall set – and my photos sold like crazy this fall when I used those.

  54. I have learned so much about editing, especially how to not overdo it. I have used almost all of the actions and overlays and I honestly cant think of just one that is my favorite. If I had to choose it would be the animal overlays. I love the whimsey that it gives photos. I hope one day to be able to incorporate them into my photos as well as you do. I’m still practicing!

  55. I would love to see more basic tutorials for getting into photography and help with using specific camera modes! Can’t wait to see if I win!

  56. I have purchased the entire Summerana store in the past and loved all the actions, overlays etc. So many amazing products! Would love to win and could really use a new camera, especially since my husband will be losing his job of 36 years, on February 18th….. Fingers crossed!!

  57. I would love this. Last year was hard for me and I’m ready to make art again. Thank you for doing another giveaway! Good luck, everyone!

  58. I have issues with my nature shots due to sun flare.. I would like to see help with that!! I’m in complete love over Summerama and will continue getting products..

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