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Summerana Society – All About Our Facebook Community

My name is Grace Pamela and I’m the founder of Summerana which is named after my two daughters Summer and Liliana. Summerana is a virtual academy, community, & magazine for creatives where you can learn photography, marketing, Lightroom and Photoshop editing and more by me and 30+ instructors at
I began my career as a photographer but soon found myself falling in love with mentoring fellow photographers and developing helpful and creative tools for photographers in Lightroom and Photoshop. I have created a premium photography academy where everything we’ve ever created and taught since 2012 is in one place, working with creatives around the globe to make sure I can bring you the best of the best content.
I really want all photographers to feel welcome, even if you aren’t a current student in our academy. Do you want a safe space to talk with peers who are as passionate about photography and life as you are? Who have the same struggles as you? Do you want to grow and thrive in your business and in Photoshop and Lightroom?
We created a safe place to do that in our private Summerana Society for Photographers Facebook group. 📷 
Summerana is a not only a community but additionally a place for education and learning for ALL photographers of ALL levels. Beginners to seasoned professional. Our site contains an academy membership that has thousands of products and education tailored to photographers.
With each membership, you can enjoy:
  • 1,500+ Photoshop overlays
  • 600+ Photoshop actions
  • 120+ digital backgrounds
  • 70+ editing workshop/tutorial videos
  • 130+ Photography logos, LR presets and brushes, Photoshop brushes, marketing templates, Summerana Photography Magazine issues & more

Also please don’t be scared to introduce yourself in the group, we would LOVE to know who you are and what you do! Ask questions, answer questions, share something that has worked for you, etc. we all need to be in this together! If you would like to ask/share to the group anonymously, please message me and I will post it anonymously.
This group’s setting is set to “private” which means your posts will only be seen by the members of this group. You can change the notifications of the group to lessen or increase the amount you see our posts/notifications.
Feel free to invite more photographers to our group who you feel might benefit from the support.
We can’t wait to see you in the group!
 Grace, the Summerana Team, and all of our Instructors!

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