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Summerana Fall Resources

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Whether you want to completely change your background, change color of the foliage, or just add a few fun and creative touches to your images to help give your images that fall feel, there are plenty of resources to help get you started. The beauty of Photoshop is that it gives us the ability to change seasons within our images with either hand editing, or using tools to help speed up your workflow. Here is a list of tools and resources that will help you achieve those gorgeous and fun fall edits! + Stick around for the end to find out how you can get some FREE leaf overlays!


Adding Leaves

One of the first things we think of when we imagine fall is leaves. The beautiful colors and textures are what really gives us the fall fuzzies!

As photographers, we try to create moods in our images. This isn’t only the case with our subjects, but the seasons and atmosphere as well. Let’s face it, when we see images with beautiful leaves dancing in the air, we instantly think of the beautiful time of year known as fall. Thanks to the magic of Photoshop, we can make any image fall-like, any time we need. This is wonderful for photographers because this season can be very unpredictable. Sometimes leaves change early and are gone within no time. Other times, leaves start changing colors later than usual and the window of opportunity to taking advantage of the falling leaves can be rather short.

Whether you are creating edits to change the overall look of the image to make it look more fall-esque, or if you already have natural fall colors in your images, but just want to give them a little something extra, Summerana leaf overlays will help give that perfect final touch. They are also super versatile, so they can be used for all of the autumn session, whether you just need a single leaf, or a scene of falling leaves, these tools will allow you to easily add realistic leaves to your images.


Digital Backgrounds

Using a completely different background for your subjects is another way to bring those fall vibes to your image. This means you don’t have to worry about missing the perfect setting or time of year to get the results you want. With digital backgrounds, you can shoot just about anywhere, at any time, and still create gorgeous fall scenes with Photoshop. This especially comes in handy if you book fall mini sessions, as you can start booking earlier and increase your sales. Instead of working with a small time frame and praying the weather holds up during those times, you can add extra days or even weeks to your fall mini sessions, or fall sessions in general. Summerana fall backgrounds and how-to video are just what you need to really “wow” your clients! Be sure to watch this How to: Using Fall Digital Backgrounds tutorial to really nail down how to seamlessly use digital backgrounds.

Photoshop Actions

Summerana fall Photoshop actions are both easy to install and easy to use. With actions, you can really speed up your fall editing workflow. And the beautiful thing about actions is you can turn certain affects off and on, lower the opacity or strength, etc. It is as simple as hitting “play” and then perfecting the steps to your liking. Fall is a busy time of year for photographers, so any time we can do time-saving sessions with amazing tools such as these, we should take advantage. Time is money, after all!


This Amber Autumn – fall editing workshop by Shannon Squires is the perfect resource to show you how to create beautiful shades of autumn, and all of those extra special touches to give you wonderful results, all while saving some time.


 Halloween Touches

Fall is also the time of year when you do your Halloween sessions. These sessions can be super fun and can give you the opportunity to really let your creativity run wild. Adding little touches can make a huge impact on your photos. With Summerana resources, you can add little black kittens, moons, and even smoke bombs which make an awesome touch for Halloween images! Check out our brand new Boy in Fox Hat – fine art editing tutorial by Resident Instructor, Jillian Varnea. This workshop is the perfect fall/Halloween mix!

Hand Editing in Photoshop

If you prefer hand edits vs using actions, overlays, and digital backgrounds, we have some extremely useful Summer to Fall – fine art editing workshops – Part 1 and Part 2 that will take you through the entire process of giving your images a fall makeover. These tutorials are great for giving you those incredible fall-esque results without the in-depth composite work. Taking the time to sit and watch videos such as this, and edit as you go can really take your editing skills up a notch.

Images courtesy of: Tracy Joy, Jillian Varnea, & Shannon Squires. 

There you have it! Just five of the incredible fall resources offered by Summerana, but plenty more await you inside the academy with MORE being added weekly! Are you ready to create some fall magic? Go ahead and grab your free Leaf Overlays here! Ready to commit to a membership? Find out more here.

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