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Summerana Academy Inspires Catography to Raise Money for Charity

Catography is a charity-based photography business that offers pet and child portraits in the Christchurch, New Zealand area. Owner, Tanya Jeremy, has been a professional photographer for a quarter century but fell in love with photographing cats after welcoming a kitten into her family in 2020. Tanya partners with local cat rescue, Kitty Haven, to raise money for cats without forever homes. Kitty Haven provides a place of refuge for these cats until permanent homes can be found. In addition to organizing fundraising events, Tanya also takes photos of available cats for Kitty Haven to use on their website and social media accounts, as well as promotional materials like calendars. Tanya also happens to be a member of Summerana Academy! After watching Sarah Hunt’s Glitter Sessions tutorial, she felt inspired to give glitter photography a try with a fundraising event for Kitty Haven.

Tanya shared her fundraising experience with us:

Sarah shares her entire process in the glitter tutorials, from the name of the backdrop and list of poses to editing in post-production. Best of all, they were so easy to follow! Literally every detail was covered, which gave us the confidence we needed to run a successful glitter mini session. We set up a small studio at the rescue and ran our sessions for two weeks over school holidays. I photographed in a tiny room using my on-camera flash and half roll of mocha savage paper. Summerana’s Glitter Confetti Overlays were applied in post-production to make the photos even more magical! More than twenty people came in to be photographed and support our mission. Everyone kept saying how much fun the sessions were for kids and how lovely the photos looked. We were able to raise $1,490 for the rescue!!! Very grateful for Summerana and Sarah, and looking forward to future tutorials I could use for fundraising opportunities.

Glitter Sessions Setup & Posing

In this tutorial watch as Sara Hunt of Sara Hunt Photography walks you through her step-by-step process of an in studio glitter photoshoot.

You will learn the following:

  • How to set-up a mini session
  • Tips for removing glitter from your background & subject
  • Wardrobe and accessory suggestions
  • Lighting tips
  • Workflow and posing suggestions for your session

and more!!

Follow-up with her Glitter editing tutorial

Editing Glitter Sessions

In this editing tutorial, Summerana instructor Sara Hunt shows you her process of how she edits an in studio Glitter session.

You will learn things such as:

  • Decrease highlights, reduce shadows and sharpen your image in ACR
  • Remove distractions and skin imperfections with the spot healing brush
  • Brighten your image using levels
  • Use a curves layer to pop eyes
  • How to add a touch of color to cheeks and lips
  • Contour skin using dodge & burn
  • How to add glitter overlays

and more!!

Summerana Academy members can find glitter confetti overlays and Sarah Hunt’s glitter tutorials in their library.

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