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Spring Into New York City


Millions say that NYC is the greatest city in the world. And they’re not wrong!

NYC is one of the most visited cities each year and one of the most populated as well. You can visit during every season and love each one the same. But personally, my favorite seasons are spring and fall.

I’ve experienced all of them but those two are just so stunning to witness. Springtime in New York is a sight to behold. Everywhere you turn there are beautiful trees full of blooming flowers, multicolor daffodils, and tulips that just take your breath away.

I’ve been a New Yorker most of my life though I just recently just moved back after ten years. I was lucky enough to move to one of the most beautiful parts of the city, Central Park North.

From my window, I can see the park in all of its glory. The trees are already heavy with green buds just waiting to burst into beautiful flowers and leaves, filling the air with its sweet aroma.

These are some of the best places for photographers in NYC:

1. DUMBO’s Washington Street
(Down Under Manhattan Bridge) this street is very popular with photographers because of the amazing background of the Washington Bridge and the Manhattan skyline. Tip: it’s a very sought after place so be prepared to wait for your turn to capture this beautiful view.

2. Times Square at Night
Though EXTREMELY crowded at any time of day, Times Square is the most iconic spot in the city. Best time to photograph it is when the sun has set allowing dusk to creep in and giving way to the bright lights. Tip: it’s always crowded so make sure you’re patient.

3. Bethesda Fountain at Central Park
Known as the Angel of the Waters, this massive fountain is a must-see destination to photograph. Every day hundreds of photographers gather to document either a wedding or a sweet 16. Tip: tripods or external flashes/lights aren’t allowed in the park.

4. The Arches
Central Park is home to 20 arches, each unique and worth photographing.

5. Imagine Memorials in Strawberry Fields
Located on Central Park West, this site is dedicated to late Beatles John Lennon.
Tip: surrounding the areas are beautiful two-toned tulips and daffodils that add a beautiful backdrop to your photos

6. The Mall
The Central Park Mall is one of the most photographed sites of the park. It’s a photographer’s favorite, especially for engagement photos.
Tip: the early morning is the best time to visit The Mall since it’s mostly desolate

7. Shakespeare Garden
Located on the West Side of the Park, the garden only grows plants and flowers that are referenced in Shakespeare’s sonnets and plays.
Tip: Central Park has a 1am curfew and you will get stopped by the cops and possibly arrested if you’re caught in the park after hours

8. The Loeb Boathouse
The Loeb Boathouse offers beautiful scenery of the park as well as great spots for drinks. A little history tip: from here you can see the building where Ghostbusters was filmed.

9. Brooklyn Bridge
A walk on the Brooklyn Bridge is sure to take your breath away. Enjoy a 30-minute walk across this magnificent bridge with spectacular views of Lower Manhattan as the city comes to life at dusk or simply take a walk along the water at Brooklyn Bridge Park.
Tip: the bridge is a suspension bridge so trying to get a long exposure isn’t possible due to the passing traffic.

10. One World Trade Center
The tickets are pricey but the views are worth it. The current tallest building in New York and you can see the whole city at it’s best. Once you’re done on the observation deck, find the Oculus underground for more photo spots.
Tip: you can buy your tickets in advance so you don’t have to wait in line.

11. St. Patrick’s Cathedral
Across the street from the Rockefeller Center and the Atlas Statue is the Neo-Gothic St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

12. Rockefeller Center’s Rooftop Garden
Hidden atop this iconic landmark, there’s an impressive rooftop garden.

13. Top of the Rock Observation Deck
Seventy floors up you’ll find an incredible open-air view of New York City.
Tip: no tripods allowed.

14. Atlas at the Rockefeller Centre
Tip: The most imposing images of the Atlas can be taken at night when the lights of the surrounding buildings bring the scene to life

15. Statue of Liberty from the Staten Island Ferry
Full of history and scenery, Lady L stands tall in the middle of the water. Before heading inside, make sure you take lots of photos of the surroundings, including the Lower Manhattan Skyline.
Tip: arrive at the cruise early to grab a good seat and enjoy the stunning views

16. Empire State Building
You can’t think of New York without picturing the Empire State Building, it’s the most iconic building in the world.

17. The Whispering Spot at The Grand Central Terminal
There’s an archway where you and a friend should stand at opposite ends and start talking to the wall and listen to what happens.

18. Battery Park
Located at the southern tip of Manhattan, The Battery is a 25-acre park that faces the New York Harbor. It’s the perfect place to walk and appreciate the historic feel of the Big Apple.

19. Flat Iron Building
One of the city’s first skyscrapers, the Flat Iron is beautiful and unique. To avoid crowds for your shot, walk up Fifth Avenue toward 26th Street.

20. Chinatown
Offering crowded streets, colorful storefronts and restaurants, it’s a great place to photograph at night.

21. Washington Square Park
A visit to New York City isn’t complete without visiting the Washington Square Arch. This beautiful arch resembles Paris’ Arc de Triomphe.

22. Radio City Music Hall
For a really special experience, visit during the holiday season to take photos outside while the Christmas tree is lit up

23. 9/11 Memorial
Dedicated to the victims of September 11th, this memorial is a symbol of our country’s patriotism.

24. Coney Island Boardwalk
Let your inner child lose and enjoy this colorful and fun boardwalk. It’s a great place for amazing photos.
Tip: you can get amazing shots without having to pay but if you want to get closer to the rides, then you must purchase tickets.

Springtime is definitely a great time to visit NYC. It’s nothing short of a piece of heaven for anyone looking to get great photos. Come to NY and experience what it’s like to visit the greatest city in the world!

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