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Industry Leader: Shannon Squires’ Inspirational Photography Journey

This article continues our celebration of Women’s History Month by showcasing Shannon Squires’ photography journey and how she is an important part of Summerana history. 

The name Shannon Squires is a name that every photography enthusiast should know. Her inspiring photography journey from a high school student with a love for film photography to a leading female photographer in a historically male-dominated field is utterly amazing. Shannon’s passion for art, charity, and photography is evident in her work and dedication to educating others. 

Shannon joined Grace at the Summerana Academy in 2016 to help build the Summerana community. Her editing videos, such as “heirloom painterly” and “winter to spring,” are just a few examples of the valuable content that became Summerana member favorites.

Her achievements go beyond her work with Summerana. She has won multiple awards, including first place in several categories at the Professional Photographers of America’s international print competition. Plus, her images have represented team USA in the World Photographic Cup!

Shannon now hosts her own education platform, where she imparts her wisdom to photographers looking to take their fine art portraiture to the next level. Shannon’s continued commitment to education is a testament to her passion for photography and her desire to see others succeed. 

Boy with Robot photo composite, robot has glowing eyes, boy is building him a heart

We sat down with Shannon, delved into her photography journey, and explored her vision for the future. So, join us as we dive into this creative visionary’s mind and discover what drives, and inspires her.

Why photography?
I have always loved all forms of art. My grandfather was an oil painter, and my dad is a pencil artist. So art was always around me. Photography has always been a passion since I picked up my first camera.  I started photography in high school in 1998, and I quickly fell in love with film photography; however, I left photography to become a makeup artist but returned after six years because of my love for art.

Did you continue to go to school for photography?
Yes, I submitted a portfolio to the Art Institute of Seattle and earned my associate’s degree in commercial photography. While in Art school, I studied film and digital photography techniques, including film development, process, and Photoshop skills. Over the years, I have continued to learn, and I now have multiple degrees from Professional Photographers of America.

Tell us about your photography business.
I started photography as a business in 2010. I primarily focus on children’s fine art portraits and compositing in Photoshop at my studio in Colorado Springs.

What does being a leading female in a historically male-dominated field mean to you?
Gosh, what an honor. I never really pictured myself in this position. I just wanted to make art and help others make art. Most importantly, I did all of it while also being a mom. It’s one of my proudest accomplishments, and I want other women to know they can have an actual business in photography. 

Photographer Shannon Squires Sat on a grey chair

We celebrate Shannon’s achievements during Women’s History Month and acknowledge her vital role in shaping the industry. Aspiring photographers looking to take their fine art portraiture to the next level can learn from her through her education platform; Summerana readers, click here for a limited-time special offer! Shannon’s dedication to education is a testament to her passion for photography and her desire to see others succeed. We are proud to be part of her photography journey and wish her continued success.

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