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Easily Create A Painterly Fine Art Portrait using Painterly Actions

No matter your level of photography skill, you’ll save time and make editing easier with the Summerana Painterly Actions. These Photoshop actions give a fine art finish to your image by blurring and softening edges and adding brush strokes.  If creating a painterly portrait in Photoshop is new to you, check out these tips.

Summerana Instructor Tracy Joy will show you how to easily use these actions to create beautiful fine art and painterly edit for your own images. You will learn things such as:

  • How to swiftly clean up skin imperfections
  • Add pops of vibrance to your image
  • Use your brush tool to paint on lips and cheek color, giving a touch of ‘blush’
  • Easily add highlights to your subjects
  • Bring out details in images
  • Fabulously pop catch lights in eyes
  • Amplify the light throughout your image
  • How to sharpen your image
  • Add a painterly finish
  • Touch up with oil paint finish

The Summerana Fine Art Painterly Action includes:
SET 1:

  • Touch up for lips & cheeks
  • Face highlighting
  • Adding vibrance and haze
  • Burning shadows and dodging highlights
  • Boosting contrast
  • Lifting shadows
  • Muting greens
  • Fall color burst
  • Quick Sharpening

SET 2:

  • Pop me contrast
  • Color me extra vibrance
  • Paint me oil painting

Each action is completely customizable as there is no one size fits all. You will have the ability to adjust the opacity of each effect, read instructions, turn on/off effects, and some you will be able to choose to apply the effect over your entire image (and brush off certain areas), or you may choose to only have even more power over your edits by applying your effects on only certain areas with the Brush On Photoshop actions.

Want to try the actions? ClICK HERE

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