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Love Blooms in Every Color

  • Summerana 

This is a guest post courtesy of Cindy Arthur of Cindy Arthur Photography & Design

The vision came several years ago, after watching my young daughter playing with classmates on the playground. I thought “How beautiful it is to see these innocent babies of so many diverse cultures and backgrounds, playing together with such unity, knowing no concept of “difference”. They only see friends”.  At the time, I wanted to do a photo session with my daughter and her friends, but out of fear, I didn’t pursue my idea.  But out of this vision came “Love Blooms In Every Color.”  Flash forward to now…

I have worked with all of these girls at one time or another, so on a Friday afternoon, after watching the news of the protests and riots, this vision came back to me from years ago and I thought, “now is the time, to create a beautiful reminder of what CAN be!”  So I contacted all of the girls’ parents and told them what I was thinking, they all loved the idea and luckily they were all available 2 days later.  I had this idea of all the beautiful colors coming together like flowers in a garden.  All individuals, but together create something beautiful!  I also wanted to add the matching shirts that read “human.”  to show that even though they may look different on the outside, the most important reminder is that we are all human – period!   I had a friend make the shirts within a few hours and we were set for the shoot.  It was a super hot June evening but the girls were troopers!  A few of them knew each other already, but not all.  By the end of the evening, they were all playing and laughing and asking their moms if they could have playdates.  It was a beautiful thing to see and I’m so proud of the girls!  I asked them if they knew why I had them wear the “human.” shirts and they did, they knew.  They said, “because we are all human!”  That’s right, we are all human and created just the way that we are supposed to be and that’s what makes the world so beautiful.
Models: Kimberly, Kendall, Zoey, Jasmine,Sydney,Deeksha & Eti
Photographer: Cindy Arthur Photography & Design
This article was featured in Summerana Magazine | September 2020 issue

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