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Interview with Summerana Resident Instructor Evelina Eve

Introducing Evelina Eve inside the Summerana Membership! We are lucky to have her as a resident instructor at Summerana, and we also got to sit her down for an interview.

Evelina Eve is a photographer based out of London who tries to capture what it means to be human during her sessions with families and children. She views photography as a way to tell stories, and her style celebrates the romantic and nostalgic sides of her clients. Evelina wants to create timeless, priceless memories with her images.

If we asked your family, who are YOU, what would they say?
My family sees me as an artist. Slightly stubborn, but honest, romantic, and perfectionist.

What was your first year as a professional photographer like?
The first year as a professional photographer was challenging. I was still looking for my own style, signature look, and had lots to learn to be more successful and get more bookings from clients.How would you describe your photography style?
Colorful, emotive with sprinkles of magic.

What are some techniques that members should look forward to learning from your resident instructor tutorials?
From my tutorials, members can learn how I achieve that fairytale vibes in my photography. How I use quite easy and simple tools to achieve it.

If you had unlimited funds and you could go anywhere in the world, what would your dream photoshoot look like?
I would be happy to go anywhere since I love to travel so much! Although at the moment there is one place I am dreaming to visit is – Iceland, with all those landscapes and especially when Lupinus are blooming, that would be my dream session today.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned as a photographer?
Don’t compare yourself with others! Do what you love and be yourself.

If you could have dinner with 1 person (dead or alive) that made an impact on the photography industry, who would it be?
I probably couldn’t name one person who impacted my photography. I have been into art since I can remember, but never thought I will be a photographer. That happened accidentally buying a new camera for my holiday snapshots, and then I fell in love with photography. I started to follow lots of amazing photographers and artists, one or another inspired me or push me to go forward, there are too many who I admire!

What inspires you to create?
Most inspiration I get from nature, this is one of the reasons why I love shooting in different locations and create different moods or emotions. Also from books, movies, even poetry so many things get inspired.

Favorite Quote
I love Ansel Adams quote.” You don’t take photograph, you make it”.

Watch me edit: 

Boy by the Water – fine art editing workshop
Want to watch me edit this image in Photoshop from start to finish? It is available to watch in the Summerana Membership here.

In this editing tutorial, Summerana instructor Evelina Eve Photography shows you her step-by-step process for editing a fine art portrait in Photoshop.


She will show you how to:

  • Create a fine art portrait
  • Make adjustments in Adobe Camera Raw
  • Adjust color tones to get a cool toned, moody background
  • Brighten overpowering shadows
  • Create dimension through dodging and burning
  • Smooth skin and add color to cheeks
  • Edit eyes including brightening, sharpening, adding catchlights, and enhancing color
  • Add a vignette
  • Change the color of suspenders
  • Sharpen and resize for the web

and more through hand editing!

Evelina Eve
Evelina Eve Photography

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