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Interview with Summerana Instructor Kaylon Jones

Introducing Summerana Instructor Kaylon Jones of Kaylon Jones Photography.

Interview with Summerana Instructor Kaylon Jones

If we asked your family who is Kaylon, what would they say?

A wife, a mother to the most amazing little boy, and a photographer with entirely too many ideas.

How did your storytelling journey begin?

I found my love for photography in 2017 when I had my son. Seeing how quickly he was growing and changing inspired me to capture every moment that I could. My style developed over time by recognizing what I was drawn to in an image and teaching myself the ins and outs of photography.

Interview with Summerana Instructor Kaylon Jones

What inspires you to create?

My biggest inspiration is by far my son, but I’m also inspired by other seemingly random things. For example, a field or tree I pass driving down the road, movies, vintage illustrations, family heirlooms, books, etc. There are truly so many things I find inspiration in when it comes to creating and shooting.

If you could give new artists any advice about photography, editing, or even just the business side of the industry; what would it be?

I think the biggest thing I would stress is just to never compare yourself to another artist or photographer. I’ve seen so many new photographers become so discouraged by this. Photography is art, and everyone will approach it differently. It’s important to remember that we are always learning!

Tell us what’s inside your camera bag.

My Nikon D750, 70-200 2.8g lens, Sigma 50mm 1.4 art, several SD cards, charger, backup battery, a lens cloth, and I think that’s it.

Interview with Summerana Instructor Kaylon Jones

If you had an unlimited budget and could go anywhere in the world, what would your dream session look like?

While I’m not sure exactly where I would go, I would love to spend several days photographing wildlife. Whether that just be the more common wildlife or something more exotic. I was a Veterinary Technician before I became a photographer, so animals have always played a big role in my life. It would just be a dream to plan a shoot where I could just focus on the animals and capture the beauty of it all!

What’s the hardest thing you had to overcome that made you the person you are today?

There is truly no one specific hard moment in my life that was a turning point, as so many things that have played a role in molding me into the person that I am. If I had to pick one thing it would be understanding and accepting that people will disappoint you, and sometimes those that you think will always be there actually won’t be. Accepting that and finding happiness within myself was a hard lesson to learn, but everything I’ve overcome has played a part in leading me to exactly where I am today, and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

How do you prepare for a session?

I make a checklist on my phone to make sure I have everything I need. This includes making sure my camera batteries are charged, my SD cards are formatted and ready, and I have any clothing and/or props steamed, cleaned, and ready to go the night before the shoot. In the days and weeks leading up to the shoot, I create a vision board  for inspiration where I list all of my posing ideas, color combos, and pictures of the actual attire to help me visualize. I also make sure that I know what my lighting situation will be at the photoshoot location so I can plan accordingly.

Interview with Summerana Instructor Kaylon Jones

If you could have dinner with one artist that has impacted your photography today, who would it be and why?

I couldn’t possibly choose just one! I have met so many wonderful artists that have inspired me and impacted my photography journey so far.

Tell us some wise words you live by.

A favorite quote of mine – “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” -Pablo Picasso



This article was featured in Summerana Magazine | April 2022

You can find her work and much more inside the Summerana Academy!

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