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Inspire Yourself and Turn any Location From Drab to Fab!

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Are you one of those photographers that always stare at your surroundings when driving around? Then you say…” Oh, that’s a cool spot!” While others look at you like your crazy. I AM! When I get into a funk, as I think we all do sometimes, I like to take an unlikely drab looking location and make it look magical in post-processing. Why? To prove to myself that I can make any location work… So, I dig within myself to bring out my talent. This in itself INSPIRES ME! It brings me great joy to see the photo transform. Then that inspiration flows into my regular client work. Finally, when I post the before and after images… clients get inspired and believe in me as well! This creates more paid sessions…which in turn actually came from something I did just for myself!


How to find a great transformation location:

1. Look at your surroundings and find something that inspires you. If you think in your mind “that would look fabulous if…” this could be the perfect inspiration for a transformation location!

2. Shoot during the perfect light. Lighting is everything when shooting. I use the Golden Hour Photographers Friend app and go about 15-20 minutes before Golden Hour to shoot into the perfect time.



3. Ask the owners of property for permission. Do not be afraid if your inspiration spot is not a public place. As a photographer, you should have respect for private property and always ask for permission. You would be surprised how many strangers are in awe of what their property can
transform into. Then tag the owner on your page…bam…you have a new fan! If they say no just keep looking and the perfect spot will appear in front of your very eyes.

4. Have an idea in mind of what you want the end result to look like in post-processing. This will help you choose the angles in which to shoot. Shoot different angles, close-ups, etc. to make sure you get the shot you can use for your transformation image. Also, get a pullback to post on your page as well. I typically use my cell phone as well for a pullback photo…because this is
truly what the public (potential clients) see when driving by.

5. Photoshop is your friend! If you are not a pro in Photoshop…no worries! Summerana subscription has tons of resources to help transform your photos. You can also search on YouTube and learn as well. It takes time, but invest the time in yourself and your skills.


6. DO IT! Go out and make time to shoot for yourself! That way to do not have to please a client and if it doesn’t come out exactly as you were hoping you can try again! No pressure!


This article was featured in Summerana Magazine | May 2019 | The Floral Issue. See the full issue here.

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