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Do you say, “I’m Just Not That Good At Photography”?

I often hear some of you say, “I’m just not that good at photography,” or wonder if you’ll ever be good enough at all.


I know it because I’ve been there, too. I started photography in my 20’s and spent years trying to figure out what style I loved, a niche, and how to make a living from photography.

I failed countless times along the way—and it hurt like hell—but each time I got back up and kept moving forward.

I think we all know that learning something new is hard work. It requires practice and patience—and even then, sometimes things just don’t work out the way we want them to. But what I see in this community is photographers helping photographers. I see you putting in the time and effort needed to make your dreams come true! That’s what I love most about the Summerana Facebook community: we’re all in it together, supporting each other along the way.

Hard work? Check! Practice? Tons! Patience? Oh yeah! This is a journey and each of our paths is unique. Some of you will reach your goals faster than others, and some will take a longer route. That’s okay! You will fail sometimes, and that’s part of the process; it’s only when we get knocked down that we learn what doesn’t work for us, so that we can go on to create something amazing! Stop saying “I’m just not that good at photography.”

Think about it: how many times has life set you back since you were a kid? How many failures and bumpy roads did you take to get to right now? And do you see how it made you into the wonderful person that you are today?

Sometimes your petals will get bruised and some might fall off, but they will each grow back even brighter and more colorful than the last ones. You will stand taller as a whole than the last time.

Please remember this anytime you are feeling defeated or ready to give up.

YOU are a beautiful flower and the world is yours to conquer, fail, and then conquer again! ??

If you are struggling with the feeling that you are not worthy of your photography clients, take a peek at this blog: The Struggle With Imposter Syndrome. Let us know if you think that could be you.



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