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How to Grow Your Photography Business Using Facebook

We all want to be easily visible on Facebook so we can show off our gorgeous images and also attract new clients, right? Say it with me… RIGHT! Utilizing the tools that Facebook gives you is a great way to grow your audience and, in turn, increase your profits as a photographer. Here are a few tips on how to do just that!


List Your Business Page on Your Personal Facebook Page

This is a super simple way to start getting more attention on your page. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to like someone’s business page, but couldn’t because there wasn’t a link in their profile! You don’t want anyone to have to work hard to hunt down your page, so it’s important to have a link readily available for anyone who checks you out on Facebook. You can do this by going to your personal page, selecting the “Edit Profile” button, and adding your business page to the “Workplace” section.


Take a Look at Your Facebook Page Insights

This is an important and free tool that is available for every Facebook business page. You can check out your page insights by scrolling down to the “Insights” button inside the Manage Page toolbar on the left side of your page. Here you will find various stats that help you decide what and when to post for the most optimal response. I recommend going through each one of the categories to get a really good understanding of how viewers are responding to your content. After all, the first step in optimizing your reach is understanding it.

One of the best stats to review is under the “Post Engagement” tab. This is where you can see what time of day you’re getting your best responses to content! Summerana content seems to do best in the mid-morning and early evening, but your viewers might be night owls, so it’s always best to check. Post during your most optimal times to get the most views!

Knowing when to post is important, but knowing what to post is even more crucial. You can also use your Facebook insights to review previous posts and find out which ones have been the most effective. Which works better for you—posting links back to your blog with your session images or posting them directly to Facebook? For us, posting photos and videos alongside a question our fans can respond to creates the most engagement. We’ve also noticed that adding a lot of links to our posts can squash engagement. To post a link while keeping the reach of a status, we can add them in the comments of our status and direct visitors that way. All of this is detailed in our Facebook Insights. With this information, we know our page is best served by posting eye-catching photos and videos, including questions for you guys to answer, and minimizing the amount of links we use. Your insights might tell you something completely different, so now it’s time to figure out which works best for YOUR fans!


Stay Engaged on Your Posts

Be active and responsive on your Facebook page. The more a post is liked, commented on, and shared, the more reach you will have. You can also develop a relationship with your current and potential clients if you reply to them and start conversations. Going back to the basics of human interaction, when you reply to them, tag their first name to make it more personal. Ask them questions! Be kind and encouraging! Building relationships is key in building a business.


Just Get Started!

You could hem and haw over this all day long, but the most important part of growing your Facebook page is just to stay consistent. Keep posting. Even when a post totally bombs, learn from it and keep going! Post awesome content. Whether you post a breathtaking photo or a bride’s romantic blog post, post relevant content that is sure to get your fans engaged!


I would love to say that’s all there is to it but, as a last note, I just want to remind you that algorithms are always changing. Just because a certain method has worked for you in the past does not mean it will work going forward. Keep up with those Facebook Insights to stay on top of things!

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