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How to Earn Income as a Summerana Affiliate

There’s more than one way to earn money as a photographer, and you’ve probably thought recently about ways to diversify your income. Having that diversification protects you against periods of downturn when you might not be able to book in as many clients for photoshoots – it gives you a bit more of a safety net so that your income doesn’t plummet to zero.

One of the ways you can keep some money coming in is by signing up as a Summerana affiliate. Here we’ll take you through the whole process, so that you can decide whether it’s right for you and start making that extra cash!


Step One: Sign Up

The first thing that you need to do is sign up as a Summerana affiliate. This is really quick and easy to do:
just click on this >> link << and you can get started!

The affiliate program membership gives you a unique link which you will use to point people in the direction of all our products. Anytime someone makes a purchase, you’ll get a reward of 20% commission on the sale. The best part is that if someone signs up for monthly or annual membership, you’ll also get that same commission every time their membership renews!

We have a super simple affiliate dashboard for you which shows how many times your links have been clicked, how many conversions you’ve made, how many form submissions, and the conversion rate you have (number of conversions vs number of clicks). This will help you to understand how much you’ve earned so far, and how well your strategies are working!

Make sure to give us your PayPal address when you sign up so that we can deliver payouts to you on schedule.


Step Two: Decide on Strategy

Now it’s time to decide on your strategy for getting that affiliate link out there.

The most popular strategy is to share it via blogging. Bloggers actually make most of their money through affiliate programs like this one, which allows you to talk to your blog audience about something they’re actually interested in and perhaps encourage them to make a purchase.

When you write a blog post, be sure to talk about Summerana membership within the text. You should discuss the benefits, or perhaps explain how you’ve used our collection in your own work. A really popular idea is to share the behind-the-scenes process of editing an image with all the different stages you went through. This would be an appropriate point to add your affiliate link. If another photographer reads your blog and wants to achieve similar results, they’ll know where to go!

If you’re not keen on blogging, or your blog is targeted in a different direction, then there are other ways to share the link. You could include it in your newsletter as a recommended vendor, or share it on social media letting your followers know about why they should click through. If you already have a big following, you could make some real sales!

You can also just include the link on your website, either in the sidebar or on a page where you list the tools you use to make your sessions come to life. You’re more likely to see success when you’re encouraging people to click with a call to action, but it is possible in some cases to earn income in a more passive way.


Step Three: Share Your Link

The most important step of this whole process is that you share the right link. Don’t just copy and paste a link to the Summerana homepage, as this won’t help us to credit your account!

In your affiliate dashboard you will see a unique link which has been created just for you, with a special code. When people click on this link, they will be taken to the Summerana website – but with a twist. You see, our site will know and register that they came through from your unique link, which means that if they go ahead and buy – even after clicking around a bit – we’ll know that we have you to thank for that purchase.

This is so crucial, so make sure you always use that special link! The exciting thing is that you don’t just have to share a link to the homepage every time. In fact, far from it – you can share direct links to special offers that we’ve created just for your followers, and even to specific collections so that you can direct people to your favorite actions or overlays!


Step Four: Collect Your Income

All of your clicks and sales are registered automatically, which means that you will be able to come back to your dashboard and see how well your link is performing. You might not be able to see which source your clicks came from if you’ve shared it in multiple places, so it’s a good idea to stagger out your shares – if you see a big surge on one particular day, you’ll know that the action you took on that day had great results!

The amount of income you’ve earned is also calculated automatically, and you can see that increasing on your dashboard as well. You can dig into your reports for a more in-depth summary, which might give you an idea of which of our products you should promote more for the best results.

You can change your PayPal address at any time, and you’ll receive a payout whenever you earn income from your affiliate links – just like that!

Earning money as an affiliate is so easy, and if you’ve already been recommending Summerana products, then it couldn’t be simpler to just add the affiliate link. You can even update old posts with the new link to keep earning sales from them! It’s as simple as that – and with people are stuck at home wanting to pick up a new hobby, there couldn’t be a better time than now to get started.

Already an affiliate? Visit your Dashboard >> here << to grab your unique links and start earning money!

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