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Halloween Composite Photography Inspiration

This is a guest post courtesy of Dyana of Ingemi Ultimate Studio 

It’s that time again! October is my favorite time of year to be a photographer. Everything about it screams creativity, because really…anything goes! It’s the perfect time for photographers of every style to stray from the norm and try something different than your everyday sessions and composites. Whether you are wanting to create a beautiful, magical piece of art or a creepy, spine chilling creation- here are some ideas to recreate this spooky season!

A young girl tries to go inside a very large pumpkin.

Nothing says Halloween more than enchanting WITCHES and mesmerizing VAMPIRES! Costuming is pretty easy to pull off too- all you need is a long dress, a cape with a hood or a pointed hat and a little fake blood to top it off. Just those simple elements will have you ready to cast a spell or put someone in a trance this Halloween.

Fantasy woman witch magician in hood holds in hands magic book, bright orange light spells, wind scatters fall sheets paper page levitation. Girl sorceress. Medieval cloak blue dress magician costume.

PUMPKINS are a must when it comes to all Hallows Eve! You can never go wrong with a little one in a big pumpkin or change it up a bit with an eerie pumpkin patch background. Go off the grid and create an electrifying FORTUNE TELLER with her crystal ball, an edgy MAD MAX inspired shot, a mysterious EGYPTIAN BASTET or a MYSTICAL SATYR with unique costuming. Give a go at creating a beautiful, smokey DAY OF THE DEAD portrait or, if you want to take your images to a down-right terrifying level- try a captivating UNDEAD ZOMBIE artistic session or QUEEN OF THE CROWS concept . Ghosts, Skeletons, Werewolves, Spiders and Clowns are just a few more great ideas to consider for your next session.

Horror witch zombie against the background of the soaring earth. Halloween.

I found myself inspired by so many different ideas this year. Try some of these ideas out yourself or maybe you have your own enchanted, ghoulish or scary sessions already in mind. Have fun with costuming and makeup and don’t forget to add some special effects, overlays and actions from Summerana to finalize your Halloween masterpieces.

Get out your cameras and have a spooktacular Halloween!

(Both) Undead Zombie images, Bastet and Satyr –  Isabella
Mesmerizing Vampire and Day of the Dead – Harmony
Eerie pumpkin- Dani Lynn
Electrifying Fortune Teller- Maleah
Queen of Crows- Makenna
Enchanted Witch- Kylee
Mad Max- Memphis

A beautiful sexy vampire woman sits on a throne of the skulls of her victims in a dark mystical forest. Gothic image of the goddess of death with white dragon. dark queen on the hill of skeletons.

Summerana Products – Smoke bombs, Crown, Summerana painterly actions, Fireflies, Luminosity, Galaxy, Timeless textures, Halloween Haunted house background, Pumpkin patch background, Eyelashes brushes and Everyday workflow Actions.

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