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Fall Photoshop and Lightroom Resources for Photographers

Summerana offers many resources to help you bring your photos to life. Fall is the time of year when you think of warm colors and moods. However, sometimes we don’t have access to locations that truly represent the colors of this gorgeous season. Or, in some instances, we just need to amp our photos up with a little extra boost using overlays or actions/presets to give them that extra dose of fall charm. 

Below are some wonderful resources you can find in the Summerana Academy to help you make the most of your fall images. 

Create Fall Colors Using Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets

Transform your images from raw to fall using an array of ColorFall Photoshop editing actions, and Color Me Fall Lightroom presets and brushes. By using our editing actions and presets, you’ll be able to add dreamy flares, fall colors, gorgeous tones, haze, rich matte and more! 


Create Fall Colors in Photoshop Through Hand Editing

When you aren’t able to provide those gorgeous autumn hues for your clients naturally (maybe you missed peak season, just want to add more intense fall colors than you already have, or maybe you don’t even have four seasons in your area), you get creative. Watch as Shannon Squires Photography turns the green tones of summer into a vibrant fall setting.


In this editing workshop, you will learn how to completely change your image from summer to fall. You’ll learn methods on how to get rid of distractions in the background, give green grass/trees true fall colors, brighten your subjects to make them pop, add light, add color, add sparkle to your eyes, sharpen edges, create creamy skin, fix skin tones and more…all through hand-editing!


Add Leaf Overlays in Photoshop

Want to add something special to your fall photos? Create autumn bliss for your clients using fall composites with real leaf overlays and fall Photoshop actions.

Great for all kinds of sessions, family portraits, maternity sessions, fall sessions, concept sessions, and more!


Add Some Fall Whimsy to Photos with Fairy Wing Overlays


Create magical fairy composites for your clients with 51 fairy wing overlays, plus an editing workshop that shows you how to create fairy wing composites.

Place Your Subject into a Fall Digital Background

Unable to find the perfect fall location? No worries! You can create magical digital background composites for your clients with 40+ professional fall digital backdrops, plus two editing workshops that show you how to create your scene.

Watch Shannon Squires Photography as she teaches you how to merge your client images into a professional fall digital background.

You’ll learn how to properly cut your subjects out from your original image, how to realistically place them into your digital backdrops, how to blend them, adjust the toning, light, etc. all through hand-editing.

Your subjects will look like they were really there all along!

Needing More Fall Inspiration? Find it in Our Magazine!

Summerana Magazine was created for the creative photographer with the intent to provide photography and editing education, as well as to feature influential photographers, vendors, and creatives from around the world.

Find all of this and more inside Summerana Academy!

Images courtesy of: 4forty4 Photography, Shannon Squires Photography, Danielle Sullivan Photography, & Stephanie Ratto Photography

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