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Clubhouse Tog Talk Recap: Photography Businesses Post Pandemic

10 Things you can do to help BOOST your business after a pandemic: RECAP

Missed our Clubhouse chat this week, or a snippet of the engaging & constructive conversation that arose?

Coming out of a pandemic for small business can be a scary thing, however we are here to help. Where do we start and how do we recover for the financial losses of 2020? Is it possible to function and thrive as small business still? 

The truth is… YES this can be a wonderful time to relaunch your business and thrive.

I want you to stop a moment and think. What, if anything, did most people learn during the global pandemic? People are more likely – post lockdown – to take advantage of things they missed out on, such as; celebrations, being with family and loved ones, and with that…. the photography and capturing the memories of those same events, family and friends.

What does that mean for us professional photographers?
It means it’s time to get snapping friends!

1. Create a PNL – Profit & Loss

Determine if the previous numbers you had in for your photography business still adhere. Maybe you need to raise prices to make up for last years losses? This is the perfect time to take a moment, sit down and create lists of all your income and expenditures.

What worked best for you, what can be done with out.  A profit and loss will help you figure out all fo the details and create a new plan specifically tailored for you and your business.

2. A frugal 2020 means = extra spending in pockets.

With stimulus checks, money saved from not traveling, a more frugal 2020 for so many… people are more open to spending on things they have previously not thought of – like photography. Creating & capturing memories, after a year of loss and scares, is a great way for people to get back to a positive lifestyle and mindset. 

I’m ready, other people are ready, to partake and pay for the things we may have taken for granted previously. 

3. Take care of your social media

Sitting back and looking at my own ups and downs during the pandemic peeks of 2020, I had time to look into and take care of my social media – especially my Instagram. And in the end… I realized: 1) how much I LOVE being in Instagram, and 2) how many CLIENTS were also on Insta that I never thought were reachable. 

Equally as important, learning proper hashtags, geotagging, networking & connecting with other local businesses. 

4. Marketing marketing marketing! 

There is no better time than now to invest in a bit of marketing for your small business. And not everything has to cost money! 

If the pandemic taught us anything, it is to think outside the box! Where do your clients find you and where are they spending their time? Lots of social media for me, I know that. Places such as TikTok, Instagram Reels. Both have had a huge boost in views during 2020 and brought a lot of joy to those of us enduring and looking for ways to pass the time during lock down. 

Another idea, if you are like me and have not shoot much… go through your old image and repost them – re edit them as well. Post, share and post more. Get your work noticed and back into the ‘plates’ of hungry clients. 

One more thing to think about when marketing, new session ideas such as Grandparents, extended family sessions, and milestones. Families are looking and wanting to include not just their immediate family members, but especially the grandparents (and great grandparents!). So keep that in mind, and make sure to include those people when marketing. Maybe even do a set of mini grandparent and grandchild sessions to get it boosted and in the feeds of other potential clientele. 

5. PIVOT! (Yes, I said it, ha!). 

Learn a new photography skill, technique or genre. Maybe you always dreamed of learning composite photography? Or taking on mini sessions. Possibly, you were thinking of dipping into a totally different style of photography! 

Take workshops and courses, learn new skills. This will attract an entirely new client base that will help you not only expand your wallet but also boost your skillset as a professional photographer, making you more open to other possibilities. 

What about learning how to provide virtual sessions to your clients? So many possibilities can open up when you start to just scratch the surface. 

6. Learn from the pandemic.

How can you protect your photography business if something like this arises again? Make a plan, and jot down all of the pluses and minus that you took away and learnt during the shut downs. With all negatives, there are positives to be found. Think of putting in to plan things you can do for your clients online – virtually. 

Maybe start setting up “Get Out of Auto 101” video or PDF courses you can sell online. Learn about setting up “Virtual Sessions” and other ways that you can still work safely or during another possible lockdown. 

7. Online consultations, client discussions and sessions portfolio ordering. 

With lockdown in place, learning the skill and devices for online consultations. This is especially a fabulous way for introverts, and those of us with small children and tight schedules, to STILL be able to meet with clients and not have the concerns of exposure and time crunching. 

8. Raise your prices. 

Raising your prices will help you recover, and it will also increase value to the photography community and your peers as well.

Many other small business that provide services like; construction, home improvements, hair & nail salons, have upped their prices to not only make up for last years loss – but also to meet the demand of clients coming out of lockdown and excited to do things for themselves. 

Coming out something like a pandemic and global shut down has opened our eyes to many things. But as small business owners, it’s a great time for us to reset our brains and refocus on ourselves and growing our business. 

This is a great time to put some love and self care back into you, and your small business.  Find ways to build up your business and your skills, investing in things such as: workshops, online educations, and learning new skillsets like shooting video or film. As a result, you will also give back to the entire photography community and your peers as well.

9. Offering 3rd party payment platforms to clients.

Another great idea is looking to platforms like Afterpay or Affirm where you get paid upfront, and your client has the option to pay (the 3rd party platform) in increments. 

As a results, it’s a win win for all! You get the session booking AND paid in full… your client gets a session they love and desire yet have the opportunity to pay in smaller payments vs one upfront larger. 


10. Set aside a savings account. 

Start to squirrel away a little bit of money here and there. Give yourself a budget monthly for spending, but also take a piece out to put into a business savings. Worst comes to worst, you’ll have a nice little chunk of change to purchase that new piece of glass at the end of the year – and we know how much fun a new lens or camera body can be to unpack! 

It is time my friends. Get out there and shoot! Capture those memories, build your business back up, and most of all… spread the happiness and joy that photography brings to so many. 

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