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Clubhouse Summerana Tog Talk Tuesdays: Recap – Instagram for Photographers!


Clubhouse INSTAGRAM for Photographers

Missed our Clubhouse chat this week, or a snippet of the engaging & lighthearted conversation that arose? Don’t worry, we have you covered with our quick break down on today’s Clubhouse conversation.

YOUR INSTAGRAM BIO. This is of the utmost importance.

Make it a professional account, not personal. This way you can add your location, and your profession (for many of us, the photography title – or artist) with an easy click and do not need to take up valuable space within the bio itself.

Work on your Instagram bio to help make it reachable by search engines and such.
There are only two fields that are actually searchable within your Instagram page:

  1. Your profile name
  2. Your name description (the bold lettering at the top of your profile)

Your bio area is actually NOT searchable by SEO or key words, so make sure to take advantage of the two sections above.

Using the name description area is key for searches.

The name description is in bold letter blocks at the top of your IG profile.
*This is not your profile name*

  • Have your name included (if it is not in your profile name already) and also share your location. Some examples:
    • Cari – Austin TX Photographer
    • Newborn Photographer – Chicago

This way, your name is visible AND people searching keywords will hit on your location & profession.

  • Some things to remember when using the name description area:
    • Must be under 30 characters long
    • If your name is in your profile, don’t use it again; it is redundant and a waste of valuable search area
    • You can change this twice every 14 days
      • Change your location or other keywords for greater visibility

Follow and engage with other local businesses that have a similar customer base to yours. If they share the same clientele as you, connect, comment and engage.

    • Consider following local dance schools, private schools, and sports locations
    • Show up and be present in their comments
      • Parents & guardians are following those same accounts and will see your business name pop up.

Join us every Tuesday, 11am cst (9am pst and 12pm est) in our Summerana: Tog Talk CLUB >> here << 

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