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Clubhouse Summerana Tog Talk Recap: Setting Boundaries

BOUNDARIES: Work, Clients, Self

Why are boundaries so very important, and what types of boundaries should we be setting up for ourselves and our businesses? Here is a little recap from today’s Clubhouse Summerana Tog Talk:

Boundaries not only help set our intentions, also guide us and help us manifest a healthy and HAPPY atmosphere for all aspects of our lives. Boundaries help give us tools to stand our ground and set limits about what we will, and won’t, do with clients. This could include pricing, what days you are or are not available, and what you offer as a business owner and professional.

Having a set of rules and limits will not only help you become a more proficient and professional business owner, but also help solidify your day-in and day-out structure.  In your work & personal life, it helps determine what happens each day, how much you give, and how to provide quick & easy answers (& solutions) for your clients.

Here are a few key thoughts we took out of today’s constructive and fulfilling conversation in our Summerana Tog Talk Club:

  • Know & set your limits – what makes you happy, fulfilled and proficient as a business owner (and human being).
    • Your pricing – Set it up and don’t waiver. Don’t feel bad for not giving a discount or extra products to anyone who asks (friends included). Remember this is your job, and respect those healthy boundaries on pricing.
    • Set your working hours for contact. Have said hours viewable for clients (email response, Facebook page hours, and/or in your email signature)
    • Decide how many sessions you can take per week/month comfortably. What works for you and doesn’t leave you exhausted or over-extended.
    • Who is allowed, and how many people are allowed, at a session, plus the extra cost per person. Don’t feel badly setting a boundary here.
  • Don’t be afraid to be direct.
    • Clients expect a professional tone. Setting ground rules, providing a contract, etc. will only help guide your clients and give them a fully professional experience.
    • Hold your ground; don’t waiver. Target would not change their working hours or drop a price for a specific person. Your business is a business just the same.
  • Practice makes perfect. Boundaries get easier to adhere to with time.
    • The more you stand by your boundaries and don’t fear expressing them, the better you will feel and the easier it becomes to keep them without feeling guilt or pressure.
    • You will find yourself attracting more and more like-minded people and clients that appreciate you and your work.
    • The more you hold your boundaries, the more you will LOVE your job and what you offer as a professional.
  • Don’t be disrespected – by anyone.
    • Not a client. If someone is not your perfect client, you are not required to bend or change to appease them. Let them go; they will be perfect for someone else, just not you.
    • Not a peer. If you find yourself in a community or situation within the industry that leaves you feeling lackluster, leave. You have to protect your art, yourself, and your inner peace.
    • You are your own boss. No one tells YOU what to do or how to do it.

Always remember, it’s okay to set limits, to make boundaries. It’s okay to say NO to a potential client and hold your ground, to keep your boundary. You are not required to please and pacify every client, every session, or every request/requirement that a client may have.

Write down your limits, and create boundaries from them. It may feel difficult at first but, after sitting within those newfound boundaries for a bit, you will find your life and business running more happily and with less stress.

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