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Celebrating Motherhood

This is a guest post courtesy of Traci Nieto of Traci Nieto Photography

What does “Community over Competition” mean to you? In Houston, this is what Community over Competition looks like. It is a community of Photographers that are in direct competition with each other working together, becoming friends, giving each other moral support and even referring clients to one another. How can this even be happening?

We have come to an agreement that we are stronger together as a community rather than standing alone as a single female business owner. When Shary Peck of Sweet Pecks Photography came to me and asked if we could collaborate a Shootout for the local Photographers to shoot and even model I was totally on board. We wanted to share our experience with the world that a group of beautiful and strong women can change their own community. Together we can make the stress of being a mother, business owner, caregiver, and provider a little less stressful by creating a support system within our own profession of women that understand our daily challenges better than anyone else. I knew that coordinating a shootout with 11 photographers modeling with their babies and 10 photographers shooting the event was going to be epic. I asked Maricela Wilson of Abba Color Photography to join in hosting and coordinating and she was excited and gladly agreed.

The “Celebrating Motherhood Shootout” was a huge success!  Myself, Abba Color Photography and Sweet Pecks Photography wanted to showcase how powerful it can be to support each other in business and personally through life events. Each of us is individually different in so many ways, but ultimately we are all working toward the same goals. We all strive to be successful in our business ventures and also the best mothers we can possibly be. Praising the differences and knowing that as a cohesive group we are stronger than each of us individually. We have created great friendships, bonds, and support within our community!!


Brittney Lestos of Us Pluus Love Photography
Jacque Jackson of Jacque Jackson Photography + Films
Jessy Day owner of Elephant June Photography
Sara Stanley owner of Sara Stanley Photography
Katie Littler owner of Light & Matter Photography
Haley Stage owner of Haley Stage Photography
Aimee Hamilton owner of Aimee Hamilton Photography
Kristin Sillman owner of Kristen Sillman Photography
Brittany Ortiz owner of LMN Photography
Kelly Mills owner of Kelly Mills Photography
Thank you Summerana for sponsoring our Celebrating Motherhood Shootout.

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