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6 Inspiring Senior Photographers to Follow on Instagram

Senior photography can be subject to rapidly changing trends. One year, all of the teens want their photographs to be done in a certain style. The next year, it’s about something else. But whether you move with the trends or stick to a more classic format, senior photography is different with every client. In order to keep you inspired and coming up with new ideas, you can find and follow some of the best senior photographers on Instagram. Here’s our pick of the top 6.

1. @cocolainephoto

Based in North East Ohio, this photographer has a great claim to quality. She was named as one of the top 100 senior photographers in the US! Look through her feed and you will also see other portraits, such as family shots. Her work tends to be characterised with strong colour themes, and clear seasonal variations. She also favours a pin-sharp subject with a blurred background. There is a lot of light and warmth in her photographs, allowing the senior’s character to come through.

1. @amandaholloway

Not only is she an award-winning senior photographer, but Amanda Holloway is also an educator. That means you can really learn a lot from following her feed. She recently had no less than 6 images featured in the HOT 100, the list of top senior photographs from the year. Her style is very fashionable – many of the shots wouldn’t look out of place in a fashion magazine, even though her subjects are just regular seniors. She also features client testimonials which help you see why she is so successful.

3. @marciandchristy

This team of photographers consists of Marci Ralph and Christy Maiquez. They also specialise in fashion photography, and have been published on a national level. Not only are their photographs breath-taking, but they are also great at running their Instagram account. You will see meaningful and emotional captions with each post, helping you to identify all the more with what you see in the images. For potential clients, this could be a great conversion tool!

4. @farasmithphotography

Fara Smith will show you not just how to photograph seniors, but how to start your clients off as children and follow them through their whole lives. She photographs children up to senior age. Based in northern California, her photographs are beautifully seasonal and often take advantage of the great natural scenery in her area. You will also see a masterclass in marketing on her page, as she advertises her new sessions each season and uses publicity to get votes and awareness in photography competitions.

5. @coffycreations

Another Ohio resident, Isaac Coffy offers premier experiences to seniors in Ashland. His work is full of character and joy, but that isn’t the only reason you should follow him. He also likes to scatter his feed with inspirational quotes from various walks of life – artists, writers, and photographers, as well as his own personal tips. This little interludes add a lot of value to his feed – not only are they meaningful, but they are also beautifully designed and put together with his branding. You can’t help but feel positive and empowered when looking through his posts.

6. @lindsayadler_photo

Alright, we’ll be honest – this one is a bit of a cheat. Lindsay Adler doesn’t really post much of her work with seniors these days. She has become one of the superstar photographers of the industry, so you’ll see a lot of high-profile fashion work on her feed instead. But the reason you should follow Lindsay is because she is also an educator. She is know for doing a lot of workshops with CreativeLive, for example. She is a master of posing and can teach you all about how to shoot seniors in a way that flatters them the most. She is also big on cinemagraphs, one of the up-and-coming mediums that seniors may start to request – so finding inspiration from her work in that area could give you the jump on other photographers in your area. Plus, getting inspiration from glossy magazine-style shoots won’t hurt to bring your senior shots up to another level.

If you spend long enough browsing around Instagram, you will find so many senior photographers that your feed will get overwhelmed. This selection of 6 stand-out artists could start you off on the right track to inspiration! Let us know who your favourite senior photographers are in the comments.

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