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5 Ways to Keep Your Facebook Page Alive

Creative creatures thrive on new opportunities to make art, but that doesn’t always mean that we are working with brand new images. As we navigate our current world, some of us may need to find new ways to keep our Facebook content fresh and invigorating. That may be hard as we practice social distancing. If you’re anything like me, however, you have lots of photographs from past clients, family, and more to draw from as you work to keep your Facebook content exciting. Here are some tips for how to use those pictures to keep you and your audience engaged until things get back to normal.


Re-edit an Older Image
Choose a favorite image and re-work it using a new technique.  What better way to spark some joy in your editing with an image that you love.  Try posting with a question- by asking a question, you are engaging your client.  This is HUGE!  Plus, you are cultivating your relationship with them by asking about their wants, needs, and opinions.  When they answer, you get to know more about them, and it is stellar for your algorithm.five-photographer-tips-for-social-media


Share a FAVORITE Image
One way to keep traffic to your page is to post a past favorite that you absolutely adore.  Choose an image that is reflective of your current style and passions.


Take some time and go live on your Facebook page!  Your fans want to see the real person behind all the magic.  Share your studio with your fans.  Do a live Q&A.  Tell them 5 facts about you.  Introduce them to your family, including the furry ones.  Your clients want to relate to you.  Try to go live once a week and share your life with them.5-photographer-tips-for-social-media


People want to see you.  To KNOW you.  A self-portrait or even a selfie gives your fans the opportunity to see you.  This is a wonderful opportunity to not only be seen but to convey your thoughts and artistry in a different way.  Try to use this moment to step out of your “norm” and express yourself.  Engage your fans by sharing your thoughts and feelings to which they will share right back with you.5-photographer-tips-for-social-media


Encourage Engagement
Did you know emojis help your organic reach?  Every emoji used helps your organic reach in a rating system.  The algorithms on Facebook rank these and boost your post accordingly.  The favorite is the love emoji.   The love emoji makes Facebook think your post is interesting.  Posts that are liked using the love, laugh or wow emoji are highlighted and show up in more news feeds.  Post your weekly Friday Favorite with a quote that asks your fans to like using an emoji!  Pay it forward and like other creative’s posts with a HEART to encourage engagement for all!

  • Thumbs Up = 1 point
  • Laughing = 2 points
  • Wow = 2 points
  • Love = 3 points



Schedule Your Posts – Bonus Tip
Take advantage of Facebook’s post scheduler.  This is such a neat feature and definitely a time saver!   Sit down on Monday morning and schedule a week’s worth of content.

Use Summerana’s Five Ways to Keep Your Facebook Page Alive:

  1. Monday – Re-edit an older image
  2. Tuesday – Post a past favorite with an engaging question
  3. Wednesday – Go live!
  4. Thursday – Post a self-portrait or selfie
  5. Friday – Engage using emojis


As an added bonus, here is a video Tracy Joy made showing you all 5 Ways to Keep Your Facebook Page Alive:

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Do you have any tips for keeping your Facebook audience engaged? Share in the comments below!

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