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25 Props and Locations You Need To Photograph This Fall

It may be hard for some to transition from the sunshine of summer to the blustery days of fall, but it is vital for us Photographers to embrace the season for the beautiful things it has to offer for our photo sessions. As a photographer, I try to be observant and creative with the different elements of the season, and bring those things to my work and to my photographs. Today I thought I would share with you some Fall locations, props, and creative concepts to really bring your images to life!


Image is courtesy of Stephanie Ratto Photography – Edited using the Colors of the Wind – Leaf Overlay and Photoshop Action Collection

Secluded Forest/Woods

Nothing says Fall more than crisp yellow and orange leaves! In a wooded area there are lots of fall foliage all around and the trees provide many good posing opportunities. Maybe you will even find a spot where there is a pond of small waterfall! There is an abundance of natural light that peek through the trees and if you take your pictures during the golden hour (the hour before the sun sets) you can really take advantage of the beautiful warm lighting. Whether your subject is a fashion model or a playful child; there are many possibilities.

Bring these fun props with you:

  • Pine cones – Spelling out your clients names in pine cones or even making a heart would be oh so much fun!

  • Leaves – One fun idea would be to have your subject playing in the leaves (make a pile and have them jump in) or spell out their names in the leaves. You can also add them in Photoshop here. 

  • Wooden or Tire swing (or old tire to sit in for poses) – You would need an adult nearby for younger children, but this is a fun photo op for children and adults alike! You may also need to bring a ladder to tie this to a tree. You can wrap fall foliage to the ropes for even more oohs and ah’s!



The Pumpkin Patch

Oh the memories! Everyone LOVES the pumpkin patch and what better way to bring that nostalgic feeling to your sessions by having your photos there!

Bring these fun props with you:

  • Pumpkins – have your clients pick one out and if they have kids take pictures of the little guys picking out their big pumpkins! Some poses you could do is you could have the subject sit on or around a piling of pumpkins, have them stand posed with the rows of pumpkins behind them,  or have them with their face close up to a pumpkin for a nice festive headshot!

  • Hay bales – There’s just something about hay that is so fun and festive for fall! Of course be aware of any hay allergies your clients may have. You can have them sitting on the hay, throwing hay in the air, or just simply having it in the background and surroundings makes for a nice fall photo.

  • Scarecrows – Either have clients bring a scarecrow of their own (if it’s not too big) or if there is one for décor at the patch, have them pose by the scarecrow.

  • Costumes – This can be a fun opportunity to have kids wear their costumes (if the weather permits and it’s not too muddy). *see #6 below for costume ideas!*



Apple Orchard/Farm

It’s the season for apples! This is a good opportunity to capture your subject (or multiple subjects) in candid fun moments picking apples or at the farm. This is also another opportunity to use natural lighting coming through the trees to highlight your subjects and to use the trees and fences to pose against.  Don’t be afraid to take some photos of the natural scenery, these pictures can really tie in the seasonal feel if you are making an album or collection of photos for your clients.

Bring these fun props with you:

  • Apples – Take photos of your client picking them, biting into them, posing with them (in their hands) and doing whatever creative things they may think of with them!

  • Small Wooden Ladder – You can bring a wooden ladder (or have them use one if available at the orchard) to pose your clients on. Really make sure you keep the height of the ladder to a minimum to keep the risk factor down. If you have small children with you, you could use a small step stool alternatively.

  • Apple Cider Booth- Most orchards have a booth set up this time of year for hot apple cider! You can have your subjects pose by the booth and take this opportunity to photograph them sipping a nice steaming hot cup of cider. This is a fun opportunity for couple photos to have them cozy up and sip their drinks. This also ties in with the next prop…

  • Cozy blankets (preferably a quilt, plaid, or red/orange fall colors) – Nothing like cozying up in a blanket with hot cider.  If you’re photographing couples you can have them snuggle up and kiss or just capture them candidly relaxing and enjoying the moment with their cider.



Cornfields and Mazes

In some locations (like in my town) corn mazes are at the same location as the pumpkin patch. If this is the case, you can use this opportunity to also snap a few shots of your subjects by the tall corn. Cornfields/mazes are another great opportunity to take advantage of golden sunlight peering through the corn husks. This would make a beautiful couples photo or child portrait.

Bring these fun props with you:

  • Pumpkins – If the cornfield/maze is at a pumpkin patch, you can easily purchase one of the pumpkins to use as a prop (or possibly just hold one nearby). Have your subjects holding them or sitting with them next to the corn.

  • Corn – A fun idea for children is to find a good ripe corn cob and have them bite into it! At some locations they even have cooked corn on the cob and you can use this with any of our subjects for a fun candid moment!

  • Rustic Truck – A fun idea (if possible and allowed with your location) is to have your subject pose with a rustic old truck near or in a corn field. If it’s a little later in the day or in the evening, you could even have the truck’s headlights on and have your subjects posing in front of the truck for a nice backlight effect.

  • Hay bales – Again, like the pumpkin patch, you could use hay bales in your sessions. They are so much fun for posing!



Empty Football Stadium/Football Themed Sessions

Fall in the sports world means… FOOTBALL! A great location to photograph a football fan (or player,) would be at a local football stadium (or their home stadium). You will want to make sure this is allowed on location first and be aware of any fees or permits that may be needed. If a stadium isn’t available or your subject wants something more simple, you can take it indoors for a football themed studio session!

Bring these fun props with you:

  • Football – Have your subject throwing the ball in the air above them or just simply holding it. You could also have your subject with their face near the ball for a fun head shot!

  • Team Jersey – You can have your subject dress up in their favorite team Jersey or they can wear a wardrobe of team colors! If they are a really big football fanatic you can have them doing poses such as “number one finger” (pointer finger up), “beast mode” (making masculine pose with arms flexing in and squatting down), and whatever fun “victory” poses they may think of.

  • Uniform – If your subject is a player or cheerleader, this would be a great opportunity for them to showcase their team uniform.

  • Team gear – pom-poms, mega phones, foam fingers, team blankets, whatever gear your client may have would be a fun asset to add to this shoot! Have them bring whatever little props they have and let the rooting begin!



Haunted House

The haunted house is a great place to take some spooktacular Halloween pictures of your clients! You also may not want to do this shoot with smaller children as they may get too scared!

Bring these fun props with you:

  • Costumes – This is an awesome opportunity for your clients to showcase their costumes! Encourage your clients to bring along any matching props they might have. A few quick costumes you can keep on hand for kids are kitty ears with a tail, princess tiaras & wands, fairy wings, pirate hat with eye patch & sword, cow boy hat with old fashion plastic gun or lassoed rope, a witch hat, and some face paint!

  • Pumpkins – Again, pumpkins make a great accessory for pretty much any fall photo session. They are just so festive and cool! With the haunted house shoot you could even have your subject bring their pumpkin carved and put 1-3 small tea light candles inside. Jack-O-Lanterns fit right in with the spooky mansion theme!

  • Haunted House Props (if allowed) – Have you subject posing near or next to the haunted house and if you have granted permission, take advantage of their fun props! Have some smiling pictures of course, but use this opportunity to make some scary and really quirky faces.  Halloween is such a fun time to dress up, be silly, and have fun!


With any of these photo sessions, you can do many amazing photo enhancements to really make your images stand out and look festive for fall! With Summerana’s Colorosity Lights Action Collection you can add an array of colors and soft lighting effects to your images. You can use some to make your pictures look rustic and festive for fall, and others to make it look eerie and spooky for Halloween!  You can use the Colorosity Lights Action Collection along with the Summerana Sky Overlay and Action Collection to cross market previous sessions for the season.  This is a great way to bring back old clients for new prints of their favorite images!


What are YOUR favorite locations & props to photograph during the fall season?  We’d love to hear them!

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