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20 Props and Locations You Need to Photograph This Spring

Spring is in bloom and the season is in the air all around us! With the sun shining and the magnificent lush landscapes growing, what better opportunity is there to show your clients the beauty that is around them? You’ll be kicking yourself later if you didn’t take advantage of this gorgeous season. Here are 20 props and locations you need to photograph this Spring to help make your portraits truly blossom!


Image is courtesy of Shannon Squires Photography – Edited using the Butterfly Whispers – Overlay and Photoshop Action Collection


There are several different outdoor locations and activities available in the springtime. One thing to note before shooting, is to always make sure the property you’re on is public or that you have permission to shoot on the premises. Also always make sure to note any allergies your clients may have to pollens and plants.

  • Fields- What says “spring” more than flower fields?! Fields of bluebonnets, daisies, tulips and other spring flowers make for gorgeous scenes in photos that surround your subject(s) with color and provide many options for photos. You can take shots zoomed out with the whole field and your clients and also shots close up with flowers framing them. If you are photographing children, having them pick flowers not only is a great photo opportunity but it makes an awesome icebreaker and warms them up nicely for more photos.
  • Trees- Trees such as the Cherry blossom tree and other blooming trees are wonderful to shoot with in the springtime. You can have your subject lean against the tree or simply use the tree(s) as a backdrop. You can even have your subject ‘play’ with the petals by tossing them in the air or spinning around in them (such as in a dress with a flowy skirt).
  • Swing- Whether it is an old wooden swing, a park swing, or a tire swing, they can make a wonderful spring location/prop for kids, seniors, couples and more. You can even wrap flowers around the ropes of the swing to give it fresh garden look. If you are taking couples photos (or parents with kids) you can have one push the other on the swing to make for a playful picture. *This is a great icebreaker for kids that might be a little more shy or difficult to pose for photos. They just might have so much fun that they forget you are photographing them!*
  • Archway- Arches are amazing locations/props because they create a framed look around your subject which automatically draws the viewers’ attention. Like the swing I mentioned, you can place flowers into the actual arch itself (if it doesn’t already have them growing on it). You can take couples photos under a floral archway to create a lovely romantic look with a sort of ‘secret garden’ feel.
  • Tea Party- Have your younger clients dress up and play ‘tea party’ outdoors! Use an antique tea set, dolls/stuffed animals, dress hats, fancy dresses, a blanket to sit on or clothed table with chairs, and flowers as props.
  • Puddles/Rain- If you find yourself having a rainy day, don’t fret… you can still capture some super fun photos. This location/activity is another crazy good ice breaker, especially with those little kids who love to just get down and dirty! Have your subject(s) dress up in rain gear and then you can have them jump in the puddles, or just get a few photos walking along in the rain and observing the puddles (if puddle jumping isn’t their ‘cup of tea’). If you’re photographing with couples, rainy photos can be extremely romantic. You can have your subject(s) walk and hold hands under an umbrella, or have them run together in the rain. Kissing and dancing in the rain are two other romantic gestures that make for great photographs. Do remember to try to keep your camera dry (some protective gear might be handy), but most of all, remember to have fun with it.


When you think of spring, the most obvious prop that comes to mind are flowers. But there are many other items out there that can be used as props for spring photos both in an outside your studio. Some of these you might find you have sitting around in your home and backyard!

  • Colorful Umbrellas- Add splash of color and keep your subject(s) dry.
  • Rain Boots- Just for looks, walking in rain, or puddle jumping!
  • Flowers- To pick, to hold, have in vases/jars/other containers around your client(s). You may also try decorating a wall, fence, etc. with flowers to make your own bright backdrop. If you tend to have a late Spring, don’t be afraid to use fake flowers or to purchase fresh flowers from your local florist.
  • Floral Crown Either real or faux flowers. You can find many affordable faux crowns or sometimes have a local florist make one. There are also many DIY tutorials available online!
  • Dandelions- Who doesn’t love blowing dandelions and making wishes?
  • Watering can- Place the can next to your subject(s), have them hold it, or use it to water flowers (or just pretend). You can even have a little girl wear ‘mom’s shoes’ while watering to really create some adorable photos (plus she would love getting to wear mom’s shoes).
  • Bubbles- Everyone loves bubbles! Bubbles work great for achieving genuine smiles and they let your subject(s) have fun! They also really help to bring a group together and make for amazing candid photos of families and friends.
  • Pinwheel- Always a hit with the kiddos and they bring a little extra color and movement to your images!
  • Bikes- Create a unique nostalgic feel to your photos with an old-fashioned bike. They look really cute posed in a field or with some flowers in a basket.
  • Colored backdrops- Think colors like robin egg blue, canary yellow, peach, and bubble-gum pink. These colors scream spring!
  • Paper/tissue flowers- You can make flowers out of tissue or paper and place them against a background to create a whimsical backdrop.
  • Streamers- Place streamers in multiple different colors over/against your background (pastel streamers look the most “springy”) to create a simple and cute backdrop!
  • Lace tablecloth- You can use a lace tablecloth as a backdrop! Simply hang and clip over a backdrop stand or tree branch to create a soft, elegant background.
  • Banners- Print out or purchase a banner with a spring message such as “Happy Easter” or “I <3 Spring” and hang it on a backdrop to bring a basic backdrop into the spring season! If the banner is small enough, you can also use it as a prop for your clients to hold between with both their hands or if you have multiple people you’re working with, you can have them all hold it up.

We hope this list inspires you to go out and capture some wonderful spring photos full of life and fun memories! Are there any props and/or locations you think are a MUST to capture during the spring? Post them in the comments!

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