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11 Newborn Photographers to Follow on Instagram

Instagram is full of inspiration, no matter what kind of photography you do. If you want to have a feed filled up with creative and skilful photographs, you need to follow the right people. They can give you new ideas, help you to figure out how it all works behind the scenes, and fill your feed with the most adorable shots you could ever find. We have picked out 11 of the best newborn photographers on Instagram. If you are a newborn photographer yourself, give their pages a look and get ready for inspiration to strike!


  1. gulsahgencerphotography

This photographer is based in Istanbul, and they offer plenty of unique and creative shoots. Kids dressed up as superheroes line up alongside the more traditional shots of babies in baskets. But there’s also another element to the feed that really stands out from the rest: the images of babies literally just after being born. Somehow, they manage to turn a hospital room into a perfectly lit studio.


  1. ritakwilderphotography

Meet Rita K. Wilder Photography, an award winning, nationally and internationally published newborn, children, maternity and family photographer! She works with clients in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. If you’re looking for inspiration for timeless photographs, coloration and themes, she’s your gal! Her classic approach will never go out of style.


  1. newbornphotographybyjade

Based in Sydney, Australia, Jade’s work is simply stunning. She is an expert at staging and props, creating perfect shots capturing the beauty and innocence of the newborns. She also leads workshops around the world, so if you want to learn from a master in her field, there are plenty of opportunities to do so.  There’s a sense of multiculturalism in her shots, too, due to the way she travels around with plenty of opportunities to shoot different families.


  1. jenn_carroll_photography

Looking for something out of this world? Look no further! This Florida based photographer specializes in the whimsical world of Storybook Sessions. From themes like fishing and camping to unicorns and bubbles, there is something here for everyone.


  1. newbornphotographertoronto

Based in Toronto, Chandra Lee Photography focuses on classic portraiture with dozing newborns. With maternity shots included, this feed provides a masterclass in getting it right every time without the gimmicks. You can also attend workshops if you are local, and these also provide the chance for newborns to get in to sessions with goodie bags as well. These photos are simply the cutest of the cute.


  1. little.pose

Elisa Stambouli photographs, as she describes it, from belly to baby. Based in Miami, she also photographs her own children, creating beautiful shots in adorable posing couches. Those props, called Posing Pods, are actually available through the other side of her photography business. Her gorgeous shots of babies are scattered between special offers and new release information, so you can save on pods if you are looking to purchase one for yourself.


  1. fotonewborn

Based in Moscow and St Petersburg, this photographer specializes in newborns and family shots. The shots are often beautifully simple, using the minimum of props to create a fantastic look. They also share behind the scenes videos and images which help you to understand how composites are created so that the baby is safe at all times. You might just find a few tips here yourself!


  1. photography_by_sandra

Here’s another photographer from Sydney, Australia, who makes some stunning images. Sandra uses the cutest costumes and props to make her photographs bloom. She does maternity and family photography too, but her fantastical images – such as a baby floating in a rose bower – are really something special. She has costumes created by hand specially for her sessions, so you can guarantee you will have something amazing in every shot.



  1. marsiashafi

This talented newborn and child photographer is based in Long Island, NY. Marsi Ashafi is the perfect inspo if you’re looking for seamless composite work with a flair for the whimsical. From unicorn shoots to Santa on the beach, everything she posts is sure to catch your eye.


  1. shannonleighstudios

Based in Georgia, Shannon Leigh Studios is an expert at crafting beautiful shots of newborns. Her photographs employ floral backgrounds and soft pastel fabrics to get the babies looking at their best. She also covers maternity and family photography, so there’s plenty of inspiration there. Her seasonal shoots are a joy to see, and she often has her subjects dressed up in cute costumes and locations to create a theme.


  1. newbornoslo

This was originally a list of 10, but we couldn’t miss this one out. Irina Jomir is the photographer behind this page, and a recent award winning photographer at WPI AWARDS 2020 & Russian Photo Awards. Her images are pastel-soft and gorgeous, all cultivating a certain mood and tone to create stunning shots. Soft and delicate fabrics match to skin tones for captivating images that just can’t be ignored. This one will be a ray of light into your feed with every single post. She also does fashion portraits from time to time, for a flash of inspiration a little different to the rest!


These are just our picks for the most interesting newborn photographers we’ve found on Instagram. Who do you follow for inspiration? We’d love to see the accounts you love – and yours, too – for newborn photography. Share them in the comments!

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