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10 Amazing Wedding Photographers to Follow on Instagram

Instagram is a place where you can find plenty of inspiration, and if you are following a career in photography, it’s ideal for learning more about your craft. While it’s never advisable to copy another photographer’s style, you can draw inspiration from them all the same. See how other photographers work, which posts of theirs are most popular, and how they put their unique stamp on the photographs. To provide some inspiration, we’ve gathered up 10 amazing wedding photographers to follow on Instagram. Browse through their galleries whenever you need a boost, or follow them if you want to fill your feed with daily wedding photographs!

10 amazing wedding photographers on Instagram

  1. bensowryphoto

Let’s start with something that is definitely a bit different from the norm. This Australian wedding photographer creates images that are deeply moody, with darker tones and a very particular vibe. He still captures the love and joy of the day, but with a kind of reverence that makes it all feel even more special. Where most wedding photographers are all about bright light and natural colours, this feed will bring you interesting shadows and twilight scenes. This is perfect for the bride and groom who want something not so mainstream.


  1. josevilla

If you are looking for something more on the fine art side of things, Jose Villa is the photographer to go to. In particular, his still life compositions of wedding stationary and food will really catch your eye. Portraits of the bride and groom are equally stunning, and here you can see the touch of an artist instead of just a photographer. It’s interesting to see the weddings that he photographs around the world, and to read the stories behind them, which often give you an insight into the couple themselves. His clients tend to be high-end.

10 amazing wedding photographers on Instagram


  1. cafaliu

Based in Toronto, Canada, this photographer is all about the black and white. While he occasionally throws in a splash of colour, his feed is a master class in how to use monochrome for great effect. His images often tend to be very candid, too, and delivered in sharp contrast for the most impact. You can feel the emotions of the guests at the wedding and the bride and groom themselves. Overall, his photojournalistic style puts you in mind of a gallery collection – which is just perfect for a wedding album that no one is going to forget.

10 amazing wedding photographers on Instagram


  1. tied.the.knot

This is a very interesting photographer based in Malaysia, in Sgor. The portraits of bridges and grooms in this feed are amazing, using angles and tricks to give compositions that you won’t find anywhere else. Who would have thought of having a groom climb halfway up a tree so that he can stand at a right angle to his bride? If you want to learn how to compose an eye-catching portrait, this is definitely the account you want to be following.


  1. kaileyraephoto

Kailey also happens to be married to another photographer, so there is plenty of talent in this family. She hails from Utah, and her photographs provide a classic and light-filled expression of the love between two people. There is a kind of tenderness in her shots that can’t be faked. Her family and child photographs scattered amongst the wedding shots are equally full of joy.


  1. whitefashionphotographer

The photographer behind this account is Eigirdas Scinskas, and his philosophy is to capture the woman in love. The white fashion of course refers to the wedding dress, which is featured prominently all the way through his feed. He focuses on the bride, and his shots can look more like advertising campaigns for Italian labels than wedding shots! There’s a great sense of drama in every image, which really provides you something outside the norm.

10 amazing wedding photographers on Instagram


  1. sebastienboudotphotography

Based in France, Sebastien Boudot creates beautifully soft images which all tell a very compelling story. Our favourite pick from his feed? His choice to photograph the bride and groom sitting in the same chair, in the same pose. Not only does it show the differences between them, but also the similarities which make them fit one another perfectly.

10 amazing wedding photographers on Instagram


  1. thecouplestudio

This photography studio is based in Indonesia, which is great for getting a glimpse into differnet cultural traditions. They focus solely on the couple for all of their work, which means that every shot is a perfect slice of love. They don’t just cover weddings, but also engagements, as well as simple expressions of love between couples. Perfect for Valentine’s Day inspiration!

10 amazing wedding photographers on Instagram


  1. jerryghionis

You may know his name already: Jerry Ghionis is not just a wedding photographer, but also a teacher. He has appeared on many different platforms to explain how he became recognised as one of the top wedding photographers in all of Australia. His feed will give you inspiration as well as telling you when you can hear his next webinar.


  1. sammblake

Being based in Brooklyn, New York, probably goes a long way towards explaining Samm Blake’s style. She shoots in an off the cuff kind of way, capturing real and imperfect moments on the big day. Beyond the photojournalistic elements, there are also soft portraits, and dreamy evening scapes featuring the wedding party. There’s definitely all kinds of inspiration to be found here.

10 amazing wedding photographers on Instagram


  1. linandjirsa

Finally, we head to the other coast for Lin and Jirsa. Their photography is available in SoCal but also around the world. Their modern style creates photographs that cover all kinds of big days in superb style. They are always perfectly exposed, beautifully balanced, and full of love. What more do you need for special wedding photography? The philosophy behind their work means that the wedding is always captured in the most breath-taking ways.

10 amazing wedding photographers on Instagram


These are our top picks for wedding photographers on Instagram – but feel free to show us yours! We’d love to hear about your inspiration and also see the wedding photographs that you take yourself. Tell us in the comments or over in our Facebook group, Summerana Photography Society!

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