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Get everything you need for the Summer season using the Summer Essentials Bundle!

The Summer Essentials bundle contains all of Summerana’s Summer related Photoshop actions, overlays, and marketing templates which include over 155 overlays, 2 marketing templates, 1 editing workshop, 24 Photoshop brushes, and 170+ editing Photoshop actions!

Products included in this bundle:

Included in this bundle are the following:

  • 45 Midnight Fireworks overlays
  • 22 total firework editing actions which include 2 Night Prep actions to turn your photos from day to night and add depth to your images (Night Shade and Firework Nights), a firework overlay applicator action, 6 firework overlay rotator and perspective actions to help you better customize them to fit your images, 13 firework overlay editing actions such as an action that creates a firework reflection (great for fireworks overlooking water!), Simmer Down, Shine a little Brighter, Ash White tint, Ember Blue tint, Burnt Sienna tint, Scorched yellow tint, More color, Blur my fireworks, Warm and Cool firework glow, Black and White and more for booming results. Also included are Photoshop helping tool actions including resizing, sharpening for the web and more for a faster workflow.
  • 1 4th of July – Facebook Mini Session Marketing Template Set – Includes timeline cover and profile image.
  • 1 4th of July – Mini Session Marketing Template Set – Includes two 5×7 flat card templates- Front and Back
  • 34 Summerana Sky Overlays – Either enhance your barely there skies or add a completely new BANG to a blown out image!
  • Over 20 Sky Overlay Editing Actions – Usually the process of adding sky overlays is pretty painful and long but with the added action collection you will have to die for skies in just minutes. These actions include a quick and easy 2-step Sky Application action, a 2-step Sky Reflection Application action, perfect for beach sessions, windows, and more! Option to paint on your skies and reflections, 9 Sky editing actions including actions that add blur, add moodiness, warmth, coolness, and more. And 6 Sky Color blending actions that blend all of your sky colors for the perfect custom look.
  • 40 Luminosity Lights Flare and Light overlays. Create gorgeous light with 40 unique overlays including sunbursts, lens flares, sunbeams, light leaks, and more.
  • 30 total Luminosity Lights editing actions which include a flare overlay applicator action, 6 overlay rotator actions to help you better customize them to fit your images, 9 flare overlay editing actions, and 4 final image editing actions to pull together your entire look which include Hazy Light, More color, and warming and cooling actions.
  • 30 After the Storm Rain Texture Overlays – Ever wanted to get out and shoot right after that perfect storm? The fact that you might get the side eye if you show up on your clients doorstep sopping wet asking them to reschedule their shoot to right after that storm passes might make it a little hard to achieve. This is where the After the Storm – Texture Overlay and Photoshop Action Collection comes to play (Photoshop action pun intended). Each texture adds a stunning effect and a perfect amount of moodiness to your image. You may use these to whatever creative mindset you may have, as each blending mode gives a different unique look to your image. Whether you just want a raindrop look on your camera lens (don’t try this at home), a look through a rainy window, or a gritty water stained texture, your results are endless.
  • 10 Texture Overlay Editing Actions – Effortlessly customize your textures from the color, texture, brightness, vignetting, and more for the most amazing results with the included action collection.
  • 1 Day to Golden Hour Editing Workshop Video – Learn how to transform your day images into images that look like they were shot during the golden hour (that magical but fleeting moment just before the sun sets!) in Photoshop. This time is popular with photographers, but it is not always possible to schedule all of your clients around that time. Learn how to get this look in Photoshop to either enhance your golden hour photos or to create the golden hour effect completely from scratch.
  • 1 Summerana Sand Writer Brush – Have a blast drawing anything you can dream up in the sand or dirt!
  • 7 Sand Writer Actions –  Including a quick and easy Sand Writer brush applicator action, a flawless Sand Writer text applicator action, if you don’t feel like drawing, turn text or fun dingbats into sand drawings! 5 Sand Writing editing actions including actions that change your sand writing’s perspective, scatter your sand, and dig a little deeper.
  • 40 Whimsical Bubbles Overlays – Add whimsical fun to your sessions without the mess! Includes 40 real bubble overlays, with a combination of iridescent and regular colored bubbles.
  • 16 Bubble Editing Actions which include a bubble overlay applicator action, 6 overlay rotator and perspective actions to help you better customize them to fit your images, 9 bubble overlay editing actions that help brighten or darken your bubbles or background to make your bubbles pop more (pun intended), add or take away color, add blur, etc.
  • Over 50 one-click Colorosity Lights actions – Includes Flares, Light Leaks, and more. Create your own light effects with Light Flush and Light Pops.
  • 1 Summerana Skies Skywriter Brush –  With the Summerana Skies Skywriter Brush you have the ability to fly a JET! Okay maybe not really, but how fun is this?! You can now add a MARRY ME message in the skies of your engagement sessions, have a fun way to promote your brand or sale, and more. The possibilities are endless and the best part is you can skip the high cost of an actual jet!
  • 5 Summerana Skies Skywriter Editing Actions – 1 quick and easy Summerana Skies Skywriter brush applicator action. 4 Skywriting editing actions including actions that change the skywritings perspective, add blur, and refill the jet.
  • 22 real Cloud Sky Builder Brushes
  • 18 Sky Builder Editing Actions including actions rotate, change the perspective of your clouds, actions that add blur, change your cloud colors,
  • Tools: Helping actions including re-sizing, sharpening for the web and more for a faster workflow

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