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Get perfect skin, eyes, smiles, makeup, hair & more using the Summerana Retouch Essentials Bundle!

The Retouch Essentials bundle contains all of Summerana’s retouching Photoshop action collections, which include over 88 editing actions! With these action collections you’ll have the ability to professionally retouch and enhance your subjects skin, eyes, smiles, makeup, hair & more with latest retouching Photoshop technology.

You’ll have the ability to easily smooth your skin, highlight and contour, remove acne, fix color casts, remove red skin (sunburn), yellow skin (jaundice), blue/purple skin, etc., flawlessly remove all blemishes, add more color, recover blown out skin, rosy cheeks, even skin tones, easily brighten your eyes, open shadows, banish red eyes, add custom catchlights to those without any or boost those that are already there. You can say goodbye to wrinkles, lighten under eye circles, remove debris (dirt, veins, etc.), whiten and brighten your teeth, open shadows, floss, flawlessly remove all blemishes, soften lips (lip balm), add a lip pop, more color, and more. You can say goodbye to chapped lips, yellow teeth, cavities, wrinkles and hair around the mouth, lipstick stains, and other blemishes, enhance, change, or add makeup, hair color, eye lashes, colored contacts, say goodbye to dark or light roots showing, dull hair, oily skin and so much more.

Each action is completely customizable as there is no one size fits all.

Products included in this bundle:

Included in this bundle are the following:

  • 12 Summerana Skin Essentials Actions: Diminish Flaws, Diminish Wrinkles, Lighten Shadows, Recover Blown Out Skin, Skin Soft (+ Ultra Smooth), Perfect Porcelain, Bring Depth Back, Diminish Oily Skin, Brighten Skin, Darken Skin, Skin Glow (Dewy Skin), Highlight & Contour
  • 10 Color Essential Actions: Banish Color Cast (this action helps fight against color that may be cast on your subjects due to the bright green grass/trees), Banish Red Skin (Sunburn), Banish Yellow Skin (Jaundice), Banish Blue Skin (Add Spray Tan), Banish Purple Skin, Even Skin Tones, Skin Warmth, Rosy Cheeks, Paint on Color (you can also use this action on your entire image), Saturation Checker and Toner
  • 4 It’s All in the Details Actions: Light Guide, Highlight Details, Darken Details, Sharpening Details
  • 21 Summerana Eye Essentials Actions: Luminous Eyes, Awakening, Whiten Eyes, Boost Fill Light, Define Eyebrows, Darken Eye Details, Reduce Glare from Glasses, Create Custom Catchlights, Boost Catchlights, Iris Pop, Open Shadows, Boost Eye Color, Goodbye Veins/Debris, Goodbye Wrinkles, Goodbye Under Eye Circles, Lighten Under Eye Circles, Lighten Around Eyes, Eye Blast (Sharpening), Enhance Eye Size, Enhance Eye Size (Custom Size), Extra Eye Sparkle
  • 13 Summerana Smile Essentials Actions: Snow White (teeth whitening), Floss, Blemish Remover, Lip Balm, Lip Color Corrector, Lip Outburst, Lip Pop, Boost Lip Color, Open Shadows, Lighten Lips, Darken Lips, Enhance Lips Size, Enhance Lips Size (Custom Size)
  • 3 It’s All in the Details Actions: Paint with Light, Sharpening Details, Lip Highlighter
  • 25 Summerana Makeup and Hair Essentials Actions: Hollywood White for a High Key/Fashion look, Matte Powder for oily skin, Foundation, Shimmer, Highlighter, Lip Color, Lip Gloss, Lip Liner, Change Lip Liner, Color even if your subject is already wearing lip liner, Blush, Colored Contacts, Luxe Eye Shadow, Deep Luxe Eye Shadow for the perfect smokey-eyed look, Change Eye Shadow Color even if your subject is already wearing eyeshadow, Lush Lashes, either enhance your subject’s lashes or add new ones, Luxe Eye Liner, Change Eye Liner Color, Fill in Eyebrows, Nail Color, Hair Color, Touch up Light Roots, perfect for the blonde peeking through, Touch up Dark Roots, perfect for your subject’s dark roots she didn’t have time to touch up, Lighten Makeup and Hair, Darken Makeup and Hair, Makeup and Hair Color Boost
  • Tools: Helping actions including re-sizing, sharpening for the web and more for a faster workflow

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