Animal Collection Bundle – All Animal Overlay & Photoshop Action Collections

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Get creative with all of our Animal Overlay & Photoshop Action Collections!

The animal bundle contains all of Summerana’s animal overlay and Photoshop action collections, which include 22 total animal editing actions and over 200 animal/insect overlays!

Create fun and easy animal composites for your clients with real animal overlays. You’ll be able to effortlessly apply your overlays with the included animal overlay action collection. In addition, this is a great way to keep both you and your clients safe while still having animals present in their photos!

Products included in this bundle:

Included in this bundle are the following:

  • 15 Bunny/Rabbit Overlays
  • 12 Reindeer Overlays
  • 22 Duck and Duckling Overlays
  • 13 Giraffe Overlays
  • 13 Zebra Overlays
  • 1 Kissing Zebra Editing Workshop
  • 42 Individual Butterfly Overlays
  • 10 Complete Butterfly Overlays for multiple butterflies in your image
  • 22 Total Animal Editing Photoshop Actions including an animal overlay applicator action, 6 animal overlay rotator actions to help you better customize them to fit your images, 13 animal overlay editing actions such as Darken animal, Brighten animal, More color, Silhouette (turns your animal overlays into a perfect silhouette), Shadow Blend, Warm up, Cool down, Hazy light, Paint on Blur and Shadows, Clone, Black and White and more for great results.
  • Tools: Helping actions including re-sizing, sharpening for the web and more for a faster workflow


Further bundle details:


Note: Some of the before and afters were further edited using some existing Summerana actions and hand edits as these are composite edits. Only the above products are included in this collection.

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