How to Create Amazing Black and White Photos
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Since photography first started developing as an artistic medium, we have been enthralled by the power of black and white images. They have an undeniable beauty and grace that transcends reality to give us something more profound. Every photographer, at … Read More

How to Recover Deleted Photos
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We’ve all had that terrifying moment when you go to look for an image file, only to discover that it wasn’t where you thought it was. After hours of searching through all of your folders, you finally have to conclude … Read More

The Dangers of Using Live Animals in Photoshoots (And Learn How to Achieve this Look in Photoshop Instead!)
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There is a huge temptation to use live animals in your photoshoots, I mean any image with animals in them are adorable! You might want to have live chicks during your Easter mini sessions, or have horses in your styled session. … Read More

10 Essential Photography Apps You Can’t Do Without
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When it comes to setting up your smartphone or tablet, there’s one thing you can’t miss adding: apps. Apps are big currency in today’s technology, and we all have our own favourites that we carry around with us and use … Read More

When to Edit Skin – and When to Leave it
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At some point in their career, every photographer – whether professional or hobbyist – will come across one big question. That question is, should you retouch a person’s skin? If you do, how much should you retouch it? There are plenty … Read More

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